Ludo Game

Ludo Game

What is Ludo Game Online

One of the most famous board games across the globe, Ludo is a game that has been around for thousands of years. Ludo is an ancient game of and skill that can either be played by two players or four players. The game has a unique gameplay which makes it different from other traditional board games. It is a game that is enjoyed by every age and gender. It is such a classic game that it found its origin in the Indian traditional game of Pachisi. The basic concept behind this game is to have your independent players making moves following the pattern shown on the board. The person who gets all the pawns at the finishing line first is considered as the winner. 

Equipment Required for the Online Ludo Game

Everyone loves to play ludo game. You can play this game with your family, friends, colleagues or neighbors! There isn't much a player needs to play a game of Ludo. However, if the number of players are more than two then it makes the game even more interesting. So, only these three things are needed for the game. 

  1. A Ludo Board
  2. A dice
  3. Four pawns of the same color for each player

Setting up the Play Ludo Game 

Ludo is a game that can be played between 2-4 players. However, before starting up with the game, it is essential to know which player will start the proceedings. For this, every player will throw a dice and the player with the highest number on the dice will start the game. After him, everyone will get the chance clockwise. 

Rules to Play Ludo Game

Ludo is one of the most popular games among kids, teenagers and adults. Not only does it have a high entertainment value but also provides a good workout to keep the brain active and engaged. But before starting it, let's understand the rules first. 

  • All the players will choose a color and will place all the four pawns in the color pocket given on the board. 

For example, the player who chose red will place all red pawns in the red pocket available on the board. 

  • After placing all the pawns on their respective color, the player who got the first chance will roll the dice to start the game. 
  • The player that gets a six on the dice can get one pawn out and it can start moving on the board. Moreover, the player will get another chance to roll the dice if he gets a six on the first roll. But if three consecutive sixes are rolled out on dice, then the player will loose the turn and all the three sixes won't count. 
  • The main aim of the game is to get all the four pawns of a respective color to be in the victory pocket. 
  • However, during the game, is a player lands on the pawn of another player, then the pawn which was standing there earlier has to go back to its respective pocket and has to start again. 

For example, if a blue pawn is placed on a respective block and if a red pawn gets a number on the dice that gets into the conflict with the blue pawn, then the red pawn will displace the blue pawn and the blue pawn will get back to the blue pocket. The player has to roll a six again to start that pawn from the starting line. 

  • The first player to get all the pawns into the victory pocket will be declared as the winner. Moreover, if a player has a pawn in the victory lane then the pawn will move only if he gets the exact desired number on the dice. 

For example, if a player who has chosen red has a red pawn in the victory lane and the player needs a number 3 on the dice. Then if the dice shows a number less than 3 then only the pawn will move. However, if the dice shows a number bigger than 4 then he is not allowed to move that pawn. 

  • The game will continue until three out of four players get all their pawns in the victory pocket. In the case of three players playing the game, the first two players who get all their pawns into the victory pocket will be declared as the winners. 

How poker is as good skill based game as Ludo

Ludo is a fun, fast paced game in which four players race around a board trying to be the first token in their respective home columns. There are many variations to the game so it never gets stale. The game can be played between four players or can be played between 2-3 players too. Each player has to make sure that all the four pawns are in the victory pocket. The Ludo game involves a lot of skills to make sure you come first among all the players. 

On the other hand, Poker is a game that tests your skill and knowledge. It's never-ending excitement and suspense make it a popular one across the world. Poker games can be played with a standard 52-card deck or any customized set of cards you like. But the condition is there must be two to four players in the poker match. The concept of learning to play poker and watching others play is intriguing. It's a game that tests your knowledge and stimulates your mind. All you need is a table, some cards and chips (optional) as well as a number of players sitting around the table.

Just like Ludo, where the result of the game depends on the dice, in the poker, the strength of your cards determines how the game will go on and who will come out as the winner. Just like ludo where moving the right pawn at right time is crucial, showing a right card at the right moment makes the game move according to your choice in Poker. Playing Poker is a great way of spending your spare time productively and sharpen your skills. Both of these games are available online which you can play on your smartphones, laptop, or PC. Whenever you want, you can join the games to compete with other players.  

Ludo Game FAQs

Is Ludo an Indian Game?

Ludo is a cross and circle game that derives from the Indian Pachisi, which was later adapted to various different games played throughout Asia and Europe. In Mahabharata, Shakuni played a game of dice against the Pandavas. The game is known with different names throughout the world. 

Can you download Ludo board Game?

Ludo is a fun and easy game that can be played by everyone. It's popular among everyone, from young children right up to the elderly. Yes, the game can be downloaded on Android and IOS too. Moreover, it is even available on the computers too. On the Internet, there are a number of websites through which you can download the game. 

Is Ludo a luck game?

Ludo is an exciting, fast-paced board game which combines luck, strategy, and skill to give you the chance to win. One needs to watch the dice, observe their movements and respond accordingly. Every dice has an individual personality and moves in an unpredictable fashion. This can be played by teenagers and adults alike, who will enjoy learning how to win whilst having fun too.

How can I play Ludo game Online?

On the Internet, there are a number of apps available which can be downloaded on your smartphone. When the game is downloaded, the player needs to sign up in the game and can start the new game. The player can play with his friends or can even play with random people available in the game. 

How do I find a player on Ludo?

It is easy to find a player on Ludo online as after downloading the game and signing up on the portal, you will see a number of options on the screen. 

  • You can even play with your friends online by creating a room and letting your friends join it. 
  • Besides that, there are a number of people who would be playing the game online. You can join that room and can start playing the game. 
  • The players can even chat with each other on the app and thus this makes the game even more interesting. 

Can I play Ludo game Online?

Anyone with a Mobile Phone, Laptop or Tablet and a proper Internet connection can play the Ludo game online. The game can be played through a number of websites available or can even download the game on their device. The player needs to sign up on the Ludo website and can start playing the game online with his friends or the players already present there. 

How can I play Ludo online on my Laptop?

Anyone can play Ludo online on Laptop as you need to visit the websites that are running the online Ludo game. Just sign up there and you can play online Ludo with your friends on your Laptop. Moreover, you can play Ludo with other online players on your Laptop also. 

How to Play Ludo Game?

Ludo is a fast-paced game that brings people together. Families, friends and colleagues can all enjoy the same game with a point at stake! To play Ludo, the players need just three things and have to follow some simple rules. 

Equipments required :

To play a game of Ludo, these three things are required :

  • A dice
  • A Ludo Board
  • 4 pawns of each color. 


The players need to follow these simple rules to play Ludo. 

  • Each player will have to choose a color and will have to place four pawns of that color in the color pocket. 
  • All the players will roll a dice and the player with the highest number on the dice will start the game. The other players will get their turn in clockwise rounds. 
  • The player can move a pawn to the starting line only after getting a six on the dice. 
  • For a player to win the game, all the four pawns should be in the victory pocket. 
  • However, if a player has a pawn at a certain block and another player with a different pawn lands on the same block, then the pawn already there will move to the color pocket and will have to start again. 

Can I play Ludo?

Anyone who understands the rules well and has the desired requirements fulfilled can play Ludo online. For offline mode, the player needs a ludo board, a dice and four pawns for each color. For the online mode, the player needs a proper internet connection and needs to visit a ludo website to play the game. 

Is playing Online Ludo safe?

Yes, playing online Ludo is safe and secure. Most gaming apps strictly adhere to security measures to m because of the certain websites that are available on the Internet. Players can sign up on that website as these websites ensure that your data will be safe with them. 

How to Play Ludo with Friends?

Ludo can be played with friends in both offline and online mode. In offline mode, the players just need a ludo board, a dice and four pawns of each color to play the game. However, to play Ludo online with friends, all the players need to download or visit the particular website of the game. Then every player needs to sign up on that website and a room will be created which has to be joined by each player to start the game. 

How many players play in the Ludo Game?

A total of four players can play in the Ludo game with each player choosing a different color available on the board. However, the game can also be played between 2 or 3 players. But the maximum number of players that can play the game at one time is four. 

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