India Poker Series

It’s not surprising that Poker has been growing fast everywhere. As a popular game, its famous tournaments like the Indian Poker Series seek to bring different Poker players from across the world come together to meet at single place. The IPS is indeed a great way of promoting this game. The excitement and thrill of this game never fails to entertain people. Whether you participate or not, this game gives you a different kind of entertainment altogether. The IPS is accredited for conducting and organizing various Poker games at different casinos across the India. And therefore, poker tournament has taken a new turn with these organizers.

Since the year 2010, the poker tournaments have taken a different turn with the Series organizing a tournament almost every alternate year. Along with this they are always organizing other exciting events which grab eyeballs from all over the country. The IPS prefers that you enroll yourself if you are really interested in the game. This way you can at least be a part of their guest list. When it comes to addictive games like the Poker, you can simply never have ‘enough’, which is why it is important to be a part of such tournaments that keep you on your toes with regards to this game. The whole point is to become a better player with each round of high stakes. As you play against really skilled players you tend to learn more than what any book on poker will tell you.

It is not just about the efforts of all the people who are organizing this tournament every year at frequent intervals but also about all those who are paying to be a part of it in order to enjoy the game to its fullest. Poker Tournament in India is a great way of bringing people with shared common interests together and making this event a huge success. The investments worth the entertainment and you do not have any regrets when you consider the satisfaction gained out of it.

The venue for the latest chapter of India Poker Series i.e. Chapter 11 was fixed as Casino Royale Goa and was scheduled from January 12 to January 15. You can register yourself at their official site for all the 4 days on the very first day. Also, IPS won’t entertain more than 90 players and registration will close 30 minutes prior to the start. Persons who have enrolled themselves will also get an entry fee exemption which is Rs. 3,500.

The payout structure is very simple. 10% of the total prize pool would be deducted for administrative expenses. The first place would get around 32-35% of the remaining amount, second place would get 19-21% and the third place would get 12-14% and it goes on decreasing. The top position also gets a place in the final event.

You can enroll yourself for all IPS tournaments by logging on to their official website,

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