Mastering the Art of Bluffing in Online Poker

Anybody who plays poker regularly or intends to play poker would know that bluffing is a very critical part of the game. You cannot be predictable either ways – either as bluffing always or never bluffing and playing only good hands.

Bluffing in poker cannot happen overnight as getting caught can be pretty embarrassing. One has to practice the art with a lot of patience and If you feel you are an expert then you are the worst ever bluffer.

Some points to consider while bluffing:

  • As they all say, working in a tight table or rather bluffing in one has a better success rate than loose tables and loose tables will make you fail no matter what. This can be avoided if and only if all loose players are folded too.
  • It’s pretty tough to bluff a weak player than a strong one. This happens as a weak player tends to call easily and is generally pretty loose like calling station. Thus bluffing in online poker is tough. Strong players do not have such a tendency to call as easily as weak ones unless they have pretty strong cards or have caught on your ‘tells’. So weigh your options while bluffing in poker.
  • Remember not to bluff in stacks of big chips. If one has the option to absorb a stack they might call. Thus, if you have to indulge in online pokers bluffing then call a short stacker. Such stackers protect the stack with their life and will move out at the slightest hint of danger. But if somebody with a short stack re-raises, you need to think again.
  • Loose cannon players must not be bluffed as a rule. They have a tendency to raise the stakes then fold cards.  Thus be aware of them while bluffing in poker.
  • You must always consider the number of players at the table and your position at the table. General rule of the thumb is that bluffing works with one or maximum two players. And if you are the last to play, it always helps you as you know the other’s moves before deciding your move. For example, if everybody is checking, it is a good idea to raise.
  • Semi-bluff is when you have a good chance of converting your hand into the best hand. One may feel that a bluff in case of outs isn’t a good or true one but one is better served bluffing as you might just have a chance to form a good hand. No wonder people call it the semi bluff when the cards are yet to come.

This is not an exhaustive list and you will learn along as you play and perfect the art of ‘bluffing’. Bluffing pays, but only when you also build your skills as a player and read the minds of your opponents and make decisions based on each situation or circumstance.


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