Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Play Cash Games

At some point, almost all poker players tend to ask the question: which one is better- cash game poker or tournament poker? To be frank, each has its own merits and that is something which both professionals and recreational players accept. Today, we are going to take a brief look at the key reasons as to why most poker enthusiasts prefer cash games over tournaments.

1.Cash Games Are Flexible Options

Unlike tournaments, cash games give you the freedom to choose your lifestyle. You are not bound by time and you can leave the table as and when you wish. Whether you want to sit for a 30-minute session or grind it for 12 hours, it is up to you. Another attractive part of the cash game poker is that it offers a lower buy-in than a low-stake tournament. And loss factor is very much control-able in cash games because if you feel you are running bad, you leave the game. That is not an option in tourneys.

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2.More Room for Analysis

Cash games provide more room for analytical play. You don’t have to worry about pay jumps or the blind level increases. All you need to do is to focus on your deep stack post-flop game, read your opponents well at the table and eventually exploit them to amass more and more chips for you.

3.Cash Games Have Less Swings

What makes cash games more attractive for players is the fact they have less swings. It is possible for even a good tournament player to have a losing year, but it is almost impossible in cash games for a good cash game poker player unless he or she puts in too much volume of money in the game.

4.Smaller Bankroll Requirement

While it is still debatable if a hundred buy-ins would be sufficient enough for a tournament, 40 to 50 buy-ins are more than enough for a cash game. This is what most poker players believe in the world.

5.Variance a Bit More Controllable

Variance is experienced by almost every poker player. Variance refers to a statistical distribution of results over a period of time which fluctuates your bankroll or cash flow. Cash game poker offers a little control over this factor. The best way to control variance is to actually move down in stakes. And if you feel you are running badly, you can leave the table. The tournaments don’t offer this flexibility.

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