Top 5 Reasons Women Are Rising in India’s Poker Industry

Poker is a fascinating game and a profitable pastime for many women. It can also be a good career option in this age and day and as you can see there are many women in India playing poker professionally and minting good money while you are still stuck in that boring job.

Poker in India has emerged a popular game where women are reaching the upper echelons and some of them are making living by playing live and online poker.

So, what exactly has led more women taking up poker as a career in India and is it a trend set to continue ahead? Well, let us explore some of the key reasons why Indian women are poised to achieve the greatness at the poker tables, both in domestic and international arena:

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1.Poker Games More Accessible Than Ever

Unlike olden days when playing poker was restricted to the India’s gaming capital Goa, there are lots of poker rooms today and the good part is that they are easily accessible. To the delight of poker fans, there are lots of online poker rooms available in the country today and players can enjoy playing poker from the comfort of their homes and offices. The poker scene is fast-changing in India. Lots of casinos for live players have already come up and some other casinos are coming up in near future. So, India’s poker market consisting of both online and live poker is expanding quickly and the day is not far away when India would be the Asian gaming capital and hub for professional poker games.

2.Indian Women Taking Down Big Cashes & Titles

When it comes to Indian women poker players, the number is not big but there exist few ladies who are currently reigning the Indian Poker Circuit. For example, Anju Abrol, a 50-year-old banker won a 2014 PokerStars sponsored Asia Championship of Poker in Macau. Another prominent name is of Muskan Sethi, former pro of who has made key finishes in WSOP and WPT events and has evolved as one of the best poker ambassadors especially for women in India. A few days back, she created waves in Indian poker community for finishing 31st in Event #58: $1,500 NLH of WSOP 2017 and taking home $8,286. Other well-known names include Maria Kirloskar, Nikita Luther and Monisha Jain. Nikita has been in headlines all through this year. First, she came in light for taking down Tag Teams Event at MPC 26 early this year. Very recently, she grabbed headlines for making in the money finish in a WSOP 2017 event. And a few days back, she got media attention for finishing 5th at WPT500 Aria Las Vegas. All these women are winning and cashing out in both online and live poker events.

3.More Awareness About Poker on Social Media

In overseas nations, poker is considered a skill game but in India, it is struggling to get that tag of ‘mind sport’ or ‘skill game’. However, things are changing and many organizations and players are lobbying together to get poker recognized as a ‘ Skill Game’. Also, poker is being promoted as ‘ Mind Sport’ via social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Besides, there are many poker websites and professional players who are teaching the skill game of poker to other people in the country. Besides, they are trying to change the old mindset that poker is a game of luck.

4.Increasing Number of Sponsored Female Pros

The brand alliance continues to grow in the country. Of late, many females have been signed as pros by India’s online poker websites and this number is increasing every year. The country’s largest poker recently grabbed headlines for roping in the Bollywood Actress Minissha Lamba as its first celebrity pro. Soon, she will play her first international poker tournament as a celebrity pro for that signed poker sensation Nikita Luther as its Team Pro the last year only. So, the poker world in India making inspiring changes with female pros turning the tables earlier held by men.

5.Growing Support & Encouragement for Women Entering Poker

Historically in India, poker has been a ‘ man’s game’ but things are changing faster with both players and casinos are coming up with a big support and encouragement for female poker players. Unlike olden days, women are not made to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome at the poker table dominated by men. Rather they are treated with respect, love and kindness and this is to encourage them to get into the game. This is perhaps the reason why women participation especially in live events have increased over the years. More women are beating the games, successfully winning or cashing across tournaments and cash games and their presence at the felts is steadily growing up. Thanks to Deltin Poker Tournament powered by, this July they are hosting a special Ladies Event, which will for sure encourage women in India to take up poker and thereby boost up women poker in the country.

Mohit Agarwal, a seasoned gamer with 7 years of experience, intricately blends his love for immersive gameplay with insightful narratives. His writing journey is defined by a relentless pursuit of new perspectives, sparking curiosity and fostering engagement among readers.

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