Top 7 Lucky Mascots of Poker Players

Some things never change, and so is the case with lucky charms. Yes, some superstitions still continue to live on. Though a skill game, but you can find poker players who bring their lucky mascots along with poker bankroll on the live poker tales. Not only this, they keep these mascots by their side when playing online poker. You will also find them wearing the mascot or it may be hidden in their pocket. Following are the lucky mascots that poker players carry, wear or keep close to them while playing poker:

  • You will find poker players carrying photographs of their wives, husband, children or loved ones. It is a strange mascot but for many players looking into the eyes of someone they love just put you off playing.
  • Many players either wear or place a piece of jewellery that is their lucky charm when playing poker. So, if anytime you see them playing with that jewellery during a hand, it means they are holding a strong hand.
  • Cuddle toys are the most popular mascot in the poker world. There are many poker players who bring cuddle toys and make them sit alongside at the tables.
  • You will come across players who carry their previously win poker trophies or bracelets at the poker tables. This gives them the strength to win more and succeed more in the game.
  • Mini Statues are the whacky and bizarre mascots seen placed alongside some poker players as those statues are going to bring them luck.
  • Toy Gun is used by the poker players who get angry easily or get out of control while playing poker. It helps them to overcome frustration caused by bad beat or bad run of cards.
  • Though many casinos and poker clubs do not allow bringing poker chip of any type but there are some venues that do follow an exception to this rule. They allow players to carry their lucky chip. So, anytime you such players rubbing or touching their lucky chip, they must be holding a strong hand.

The list doesn’t end here. It may seem surprising to you that there exist lucky mascots in this modern age and players are still superstitious when it comes to playing skill games like poker.


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