What is Nuts in Poker games?

Actually movies like James Bond’s Casino Royale inspire many people to play this amazing card game and thus many people even get inspired to roll among the High Rollers too. However that is just a dream that can be achieved after years of practice, challenges and expertise. But, if you will not follow the rules, you will be just a fish in the poker world and no one will take you seriously.

Nuts in Poker gamesOne of the best situations in this game is to have ‘nuts’ in poker. This term is basically used to indicate the best possible poker hand in a poker game. This is the unbeatable hand against which no other participants can win. Remember how in the second game of poker in Casino Royale, James Bond won against Le Chifre with his perfect hand? Well, that is exactly what is meant by ’nuts’. However, the actual nut hand is quite different from the absolute nut hand. If the board is 7 diamonds, 2 clubs, King spades, K heart and 3 diamonds, and if you have K diamond and K club, it means that you have the absolute nut hand. However if you have K7, you have the actual nut hand since you know that no other player has the two king cards.

In the high-low split games people use the terms ‘nut low’ and ‘nut high’ separately. These nuts hands are judged in reference to the board cards. Terms like “nut flush’ or ‘nut full-house’ are actually used to indicate the best hand in a certain category. But it does not mean the best hand overall. There are many theories that explain how this term came to be used in poker; however no one can deny that its usage in the game is indispensable.

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