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Royal Flush Poker

What is a Royal Flush?

A royal flush, also known as an Ace-high straight flush or a royal straight flush, is the biggest hand in poker. It's made up of all the face cards of a suit, i.e., the K, Q, and J, along with the A and 10 of the same suit. A royal flush beats all other hands in a card game. Let’s learn more about poker and the royal winning hand.

Importance of the Royal Flush in Poker

Contrary to popular belief, poker is a game of skill and strategy. If you are new to poker, it might seem a little random to you, but never forget- you can always turn the tide of the game if you pay enough attention to poker rules and your opponents’ hand.

If you are just learning about the tips and tricks of poker, you might already have heard of the elusive royal flush - the best hand for all poker games. You have to strategize, either aggressively or passively, to change the cards in your hand to a royal flush.

The odds of gaining a royal flush in a 5-card poker game, like a five-card draw, is about 6,49,739:1, giving it a probability of 0.000154%. On the other hand, for 7-card poker variants like Texas Hold’em poker, the royal flush is more likely to occur with a probability of 0.0032% and 30,939:1 chances of appearing.

Don’t be discouraged just yet, the odds may be low, but with proper strategy, you can turn your cards to a royal flush too.

What are the other winning hands in a poker game?

Don’t worry, the royal flush is not the only winning hand in a poker game. There are plenty of other winning hands you can go for if you don’t have a royal flush. We have listed out all the winning hands in a poker game (in decreasing order of ranking). Here's the poker hand rankings in the order of best to worst:

  • Straight flush- Five cards of the same suit in a given sequence, ex., A♣ 2♣ 3♣ 4♣ 5♣
  • Four of a Kind- All the four cards are of the same rank in different suits, ex., A♣ A♦️ A A♠
  • Full House- Three cards of the same rank with a pair, ex., 4♣ 4♠ 4♦️ 8♣ 8
  • Flush- Any 5 cards of the same suit, but none in a sequence, ex., K♣ 10♣ 7♣ 6♣ 4♣
  • Straight- 5 cards not in the same suit, but in a sequence,  ex., 7♣ 6♠ 5♠ 4 3
  • Three of a Kind- Three cards of the same rank, ex., 4♣ 4♠ 4♦️
  • Two Pair- Two different pairs, not necessarily of the same sequence, ex., 5♠ 5♦️ 3 3♦️
  • One Pair- Two cards of the same rank, ex., 5♠ 5♣
  • High Card- When you have none of the above hands, then it is a high card. You can only play the highest-ranking card on its own.

Is it possible to earn money while playing poker?

If this is your first foray into the world of online gaming, then the first thing you need to know is that there is limitless potential in poker. Whether you are just looking for entertainment or looking to earn real money, poker is the best option for online gaming for you. Since the game involves lots of skill and strategy, your odds of winning lie completely in your hands. 

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Royal Flush Related FAQs

What are some other card games a poker player can play?

Some other easy card games that you can play are teen patti and call break, however, these games can be more based on luck than skill. If you want a mental exercise with real money benefits, a poker game is the best bet for you.

Can a royal flush be of any suit?

Yes, you can make a royal flush from any suit, so long as you have the 10, J, Q, K, and Ace of the same suit. If the suit or card rank changes from any of the above, then the hand can’t be labelled as royal flush.

Which royal flush is the highest?

In poker, the suit of the cards doesn’t matter at all. Since royal flush is the highest ranked poker hand, both players win. This means that if two players have a royal flush, then there is no tiebreaker, i.e., the pot is split between both players. 

Is royal flush the best hand in poker?

Yes. Royal flush is the best hand for poker played with a standard deck. However, with a non-standardised/wild deck, it is the second highest hand, as these decks benefit from the advantages offered by wild cards like the Joker, deuce, etc. 

Can any poker hand beat the royal flush?

A royal flush can be beaten by a 5 of a kind hand. In this hand, the player has four cards of the same rank, along with a wild card like a joker that makes up the fifth card. However, since jokers are not allowed in a standard deck, the royal flush is unbeatable in standard poker games.

What is a royal flush with deuces?

A deuce royal flush is the same as a royal flush, but with any one card being replaced by a deuce of the same suit. It is generally only considered in a Deuces Wild version of poker where the 2s act as wild cards. It is beatable by four deuces and a natural royal flush.

Is luck necessary to win at poker?

Poker is largely a game of skill, so you don’t necessarily need luck to win. As long as you pay attention to the cards and strategize properly, you will win. However, for a royal flush, you need good starting cards that you can build on.

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