Adda52 organises AAA bucket Challenge, Donates Rs.54,000 to Friends of Art

After a successful partnership with Bollywood through the movie ‘Mary Kom’, Adda52 has now ventured where no other online poker site has. India’s largest online poker site has now partnered with a Delhi based NGO ‘Friends of Art’, which promotes art in India to raise funds for various art forms. The Adda52 Aces Art(AAA) Bucket Challenge, a loyalty based tourney was organized at adda52 following which the poker site donated Rs. 54,000 to FOA and sponsored their Delhi event of Contemporary Art Week 2014.

This poker event went about to bring Poker and art together where the winner were Poker players as well as the Friends of Art community. After a successful completion of this event, a sum of Rs.54,000 was given to the art community and 7 lucky winners took away the prize pool of Rs.25,000.   

The AAA challenge took place on 20th September and was open to all adda52’s players. The players had to surrender 15,000 Loyalty Points to register for this event and winners were promised to take away a prize pool of Rs.25k. Apart from this, adda52 also contributed Rs.4000 to ‘Friends of Art’ on behalf of every player who drew ‘Three of a Kind Aces’ and Rs.1000 were credited to this player’s account.

On the ‘D Day’, i.e. on 20th September at 9PM various adda52 players battled through different tables to reach to the final table and 6 winners froze their names to the ‘champions list’, but only one player drew ‘Three of a Kind Aces’ in this Poker tournament. However, on this player’s behalf Rs.4000 was donated to the art community and Rs.1000 were credited to his account. Mentioned below is the list of winners:
















1000 (Three of kind Aces)

Adda52 feels honored to be associated with an organization like FOA which works towards the betterment of contemporary art in India. This is just one of the benefits organized for charity by Adda52 but such endeavors will continue in the days to come.

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