Indian Poker Players

Poker is now established as a widely popular sport in India. There are a number of talented players who are making a name for themselves and currently shining in the world of Poker. They are the pioneers who are exhibiting extraordinary Poker skills and expertise on domestic as well as international Poker felts.

Here are some great players who have emerged as an idol for aspiring Poker players in India:

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Nikita Luther

Nikita Luther is from Delhi and has accumulated impressive winnings in various Poker tournaments.

Nikita Luther is one of the very few players who have changed the common perception about women Poker players in India. She has inspired many women to come forward and become a part of the Poker community. Like many other players, Luther started playing Poker while she was still in college. As a mathematics enthusiast, the lady was drawn towards the game due to her fascination with probability theories and psychology which led her to take up the game seriously as a profession. Other than Poker, her hobbies are reading, playing pool, and participating in adventure sports.


Kunal Patni

Kunal Patni is a renowned player and Adda52 Pro who is wowing the Poker world with his talent since 2012.

Patni was introduced to Poker by some friends which piqued his interest in professional playing. He started taking serious interest in Poker and with time, began participating in major online and offline poker tournaments such as WSOP, WPT, APPT, Macau Poker Cup, DPT, IPC, etc. He has achieved remarkable success at the tables and become one of the biggest moneymakers with his exceptional Poker strategies and skills.


Tarun Goyal

Tarun Goyal is a well-known Poker player hailing from Bathinda, Punjab. His Poker journey began when he created his account on Adda52. With time, his interest grew and he started educating himself by reading books and watching Poker tutorials. From then on, he started implementing his mathematical and analytical skills on the live as well as online tables and the rest is history. He believes in continuous learning and is making immense progress in his game.


Abhishek Goindi

Abhishek Goindi is topping the charts by being one of the best ranked Poker players in India. Abhishek played and achieved success in several major Poker events.

Abhishek is a Bangalorean who began playing poker when he was in high school. His passion for Poker continued to grow and he started learning tricks and tactics of the game from the pros. At the beginning of his career, he worked with a bank for some time but later quit his job to pursue his passion for Poker. He is now considered one of the most consistent and successful Poker players in India. Other than the game, Abhishek loves music and travelling.


Minissha Lamba

Minissha is Adda52’s celebrity Poker Pro. This Bollywood diva started playing Poker just for fun but later the thrill and fun involved in this unputdownable game made it impossible for her to stay away from the tables. She has participated in several live and online tournaments such as WSOP, WPT500 Aria, WPT India, DPT, IPC, etc. She is a regular at the Poker felt, where she is achieving great heights of success.


Nipun Java

Nipun Java is one of the finest Indian Poker players who has participated and won in many Indian and oversees Poker competitions. He teamed up with Aditya Sushant and earned a gold bracelet at WSOP 2017.

Nipun Java studied electronic engineering from NSIT, Delhi and later moved to LA. He now resides in the US from the past 12 years. He started playing poker online as well as at home with friends just for fun. After achieving some success, he went on to play professionally at live Poker games and tournaments.


Aditya Sushant

Aditya Sushant is an established Poker player from Chennai who started playing Poker in 2010.

Aditya has participated and won great prizes in many tournaments. He is a continuous player at Deltin Poker Tournaments, Goa. His hard work and dedication for the game finally paid off and he made headlines by bringing the first WSOP bracelet to India with his partner Nipun Java.


Amit Jain

Amit Jain needs no introduction as he has a record of several great winnings in many domestic and international Poker tournaments. Jain prefers playing Poker online but loves to participate in prestigious live Poker events like DPT, MPC, WPT, and WSOP.

Amit Jain resides in Mumbai and is also passionate about acting. Jain believes in constant learning and improving his skills and strategies to gain confidence and overcome the obstacles when playing on cash tables.


Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal is undoubtedly one of the most promising Poker players in India. He is a popular professional Poker player and is widely known for his massive winnings in online and offline poker tournaments.

Known by the name “intervention” in Poker circuits, Agarwal is a Business Administration graduate from Drexel University, Philadelphia. After watching Poker players making money on a TV show, Agarwal fell in love with the game. Agarwal is a regular at WSOP and succeeds in taking home a great amount of cash prizes.


Raghav Bansal

Raghav Bansal is one of the biggest names in the Indian Poker circuit. His in-depth understanding of the game and no-nonsense attitude separates him from other Poker players and makes him very popular in the Poker community.

Raghav is from Delhi. His interest in Poker developed when he started playing with his friends casually but later hooked with the game and began focusing on serious gameplay. Raghav participated and achieved tremendous success in many high profile games i.e. DPT and WSOP. Other than Poker, Bansal is a big football fan and also likes to play golf.

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