Online Poker Tournaments In India - 2020 is India’s leading online poker website which offers several exciting poker championships where Indian players can participate to prove their mettle on the poker tables and take home their share from the big guaranteed prize pools.

Here is the list of poker tournaments where you can participate with minimal buy-in and win huge cash prizes.

Weekly Tournaments
Tournament NameDay/DatePrize
Goa Fest Monday Rs. 800000
Hitman Tuesday Rs. 750000
Maverick Wednesday Rs. 1000000
Godfather Thursday Rs. 2000000
The Ballers Friday Rs. 1500000
Hold'em High Saturday Rs. 500000
Big Slick Sunday Rs. 1500000
Mega Suits Sunday Rs. 2500000


Daily Tournaments
Tournament NameDay/DatePrize
Hexagram Daily Rs. 250000
Twilight - PLO Daily Rs. 100000
Afternoon Adda Daily Rs. 80000
Evening Adda Daily Rs. 50000
PLO 500 Daily Rs. 30000
Battleground Daily Rs. 30000
Midnight Bash Daily Rs. 25000
Super 200 Daily Rs. 20000
PLO 250 Daily Rs. 15000
1 Ka 4 Daily Rs. 15000
Super 200 Daily Rs. 10000
Win the Button 200 Daily Rs. 10000
Power Up Daily Rs. 10000
Win the Button 330 Daily Rs. 10000



Indian Poker Tournament Formats:


Rebuy Tournament

Re-Buy Tournaments allow the participants to re-buy chips within a specified time period if they are out of chips while playing. You can purchase chips again and continue playing the tournament. This re-buy amount is usually the same as the buy-in amount of the tournament. The re-buy period is limited and a player cannot re-buy once this time period ends. There are two types of re-buy tournaments:

  1. Limited Re-Buy: A player can rebuy only limited number of times as per the tournament rules.
  2. Unlimited Re-Buy: A player can re-buy an unlimited number of times during the re-buy period.


Freeze-out Tournament 

This format does not allow the player to re-buy. A player pays the buy-in to enter the tournament with a stack of chips and leaves the game when he loses all his chips. He cannot re-buy to add chips to his stack and continue the game. WSOP, WPT, and many gaming websites follow this game format.


Re-Entry Tournament

A player can re-enter the tournament once he gets busted out. He can pay the buy-in again and start playing as a new player. He can enter only till the late-registration period which varies from tournament to tournament. Once this time period expires, the player cannot enter again in the tournament.  


Satellite Tournament

You can participate in satellite tournaments and win entry tickets for big online or offline tournaments. Major poker events which offer huge cash prizes usually have huge buy-ins, but a player can join the event without paying the entry fee by winning the qualifying tournament (satellite). often hosts satellite tournaments where players can compete with each other to win the entry tickets for various large poker tournaments.

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Customer Care
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Monday - Sunday
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