Adda52 Introduces New Blind Structures for All its Tourney

In its pursuit to offer the improved playability and superlative gaming experience to poker players, India’s largest poker has announced a completely new blind structures for all online tourneys, including daily, weekly and flagship tournaments. The intention is to give players more play-time to grind on tables.

Over the past few month, Adda52 has been working on the feedback and suggestions from the Indian poker community and has now come up with a completely new structure, which promises steady action and makes the tournaments a great value for the poker players in the country. Given below are some major highlights:

A Whole New Blind Structure for All Tourneys

To the delight of poker players, Adda52 has introduced new blind structure across all stakes of the tournaments. The new structure consists additional levels and uniformly placed antes. The new levels will ensure a stable game play throughout the tournament. Additionally, the antes will be 10% of the big blind across the all levels as a standard practice. This is an initiative towards giving poker players more of what they want in tournaments for a guaranteed more enjoyable and competitive time.

Optimized Turn Time & Time Bank

With these changes in the structure, seeks to provide players an optimized turn time and time bank in its wide variety of tournaments. For example, the flagship tournament 10K Buy-in and Adda52 Millions will now feature 90 seconds time bank with a refresh rate of 8 hands, which is going to optimize the play time.

Improved Playability & Superlative Game Experience

With the changes in blinds and antes across all online tournaments, Adda52 seeks to create a more appealing tourney structure where players would get more play and time to make strategic moves to increase their winning chances. It is a holistic approach by the company to give superior poker experience for players of all levels.

Going extra mile, Adda52 has made some other significant changes to improve the players experience across tourneys on their poker site. The starting stacks for many tournaments have been improved, late registration has been extended and more blind levels have been added in tourneys to ensure the ultimate gaming experience.

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