Responsible Gaming–The Concept Of Discipline At Poker Table

Responsible gaming is a practice aimed at providing a safe and authentic gaming experience to online players. It includes a range of measures designed to prevent someone under the legal age from playing cash games as well as to ensure that the temptation to play doesn’t cause any negative effects on a player’s personal life and finances.

Poker is a skill-based game. It is a great way to spend some quality time as well as to test and improve your knowledge and skills. Most players understand the importance of disciplined gaming but some players find themselves unable to control their urge of betting. It is crucial to understand the difference between habit and addiction. If you face trouble controlling the desire to play even if your financial situation doesn’t allow you to do so, then it is an addiction. If you lie about your gaming activities and steal money from your family and friends to play, it is an addiction. When you feel you can’t walk away from the tables without winning at least a hand, it is called an addiction. If you are facing any of these symptoms, it’s time to seek some professional help.

Compulsive gaming is a cycle that is created when people start out playing with real money as a recreational activity, lose some money, chase the losses, and lose more money. Then they start investing more time and money in the hope of recovering their losses.

Gaming addiction is a psychological disorder that can lead to problems such as strained relationships, decreased work productivity, interference in social life, and financial troubles.

We believe that this addiction is recoverable by implementing the concept of responsible gaming.  Here are the guidelines which every player should follow in order to enjoy a stress-free and pleasant online gaming experience –

  1. Play only with money that you can afford to lose. Set limits for your gaming sessions, deposits, bets, and losses. Make sure not to exceed these limits in any situation.
  2. Play only at the level which suits your skill-set and knowledge of the game. Don’t switch to a higher level without acquiring the necessary competencies.
  3. Never chase losses. Review your gameplay after you finish playing to find out the weak spots in your game. When you lose, take your time analyzing your performance to understand the areas of improvement and find out the solutions.

Adda52 – India’s leading online gaming site owned by Gaussian Networks Pvt. Ltd. (a part of Delta Corp) is a strong supporter of responsible gaming. It is strictly prohibited for any minor (under 18 years of age) to play real cash games on the website. Adda52 reserves the right to ask for age identification proof in case we suspect someone is underage. If you find any minor playing cash games on the website, please inform us through call (1800-3000-0611), mail (, or chat.

Adda52 strictly adheres to guidelines set by the Indian authorities related to fair play and maintains strict security measures to keep the player’s details confidential. It uses 128-bit encryption to provide the highest level of protection and ensure that all information you entered on the website is kept secure. Withdrawing money from the website is a quick and simple process. A player can easily cash-out his winnings and transfer them into his bank account. The minimum amount to withdraw from the website is Rs.100. Mobile number is compulsory to make a redemption request, verification, as well as to send notifications to the user of his financial transactions (deposit and withdraw) on the website. Check Adda52 banking policy here.

Adda52 is RNG (Random Number Generator) certified from iTech Labs, Australia for unpredictable distribution of cards and fair play.

Know more about poker legality and Terms of Use here.

You can speak with our customer support representatives if you need any advice or suggestions related to responsible gaming.


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