Q - What is Single Wallet?

Ans - This is a one-stop for all your deposits, winnings and withdrawals! The components of a Single Wallet are Real Money, Instant Bonus and Tournament Bonus.

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Q - How to make a deposit?

Ans- It is easy to deposit money in your Adda52 account to play Poker. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Create an account on the website by filling up simple details.
  • Go to the 'My Account' page.
  • Click on: "Add Money" button & agree to the terms and conditions.

You can deposit any amount between the minimum and maximum deposit limit. Click here for more information about the deposit methods.

Q- Where can I see my balance?

Ans- You can check your wallet balance anytime in the “My Account” section. It will reflect the Real chips (amount which you can withdraw), Instant Bonus (non-redeemable bonus chips which you can use to play on cash tables), and Tournament Bonus (non-redeemable bonus chips which you can use to play tournaments and SnGs).

Q-What are the various payment options available at Adda52?

Ans - Adda52.com accepts payments by Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Netbanking, Wallet, and Pay By UPI.

Q- What is the minimum & maximum amount I can deposit?

Ans- The minimum deposit that you can make is INR 50. The maximum amount of deposit is initially INR 10,000 for a new user. However, based on the user’s past history points and playing pattern, the maximum deposit amount is automatically increased up to INR 50000. Users can also put in a request to our customer support to increase the buy-in limit at [email protected]

Q - How do I get the money won on Adda52.com?

Ans - Receiving the money won on Adda52.com is easy. When you win any money on our real tables, the winning amount shall be credited to your Wallet balance immediately. You can check the same on the 'My Account' section at any time. You can withdraw the redeemable balance or a part of it by following the method given below.

Q - How to withdraw money?

Ans- Withdrawals are processed on all days (including weekends). All the Withdrawals requested/modified before 8 pm on all days get processed on the very same day.

The amount the user chooses to withdraw instantly gets deducted from his adda52 account disallowing the user to use that amount for playing.

Steps to put a withdrawal request

  • Login to your Adda52 account
  • Go to My Account
  • Click on Withdraw
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Click on the "Calculate TDS" button to calculate the applicable TDS on that amount.
  • Click on the "Transfer" button. A confirmation message will be shown.
  • Click on "Proceed" to confirm your withdrawal request.

Note - In case your PAN/KYC information is not verified, Please go to My Account > My Profile and upload the required documents to get them verified.

If your bank details are not updated in our records, please update the bank details after raising your withdrawal request.

In case of any query, please send a mail to [email protected] from your registered e-mail address.

You can now make easy & quick withdrawals 24x7 with our new Instant Withdrawal facility! Click here to check the details.

Q - Do I have to make a deposit before I request a withdrawal?

Yes, it is mandatory to have a deposit of a minimum of Rs.200 before placing the withdrawal request.

Q - How many times can I withdraw money?

Ans- A player can make withdrawal requests as per the below table.

Loyalty LevelAllowed withdrawal Count/Day
Rookie 2
Jacks Den 2
Queens Haven 3
Kings Court 3
Acers Adda 4

Withdrawals are processed on all days (including weekends).

All the Withdrawals requested/modified before 8 pm on all days get processed on the very same day.

Any request received/modified outside the defined window will get processed the next working day.

The 24 hours cycle is considered between 12:00 Am-11:59 PM

Q - How do I change my bank account details on Adda52.com?

Ans- It’s easy to change your bank account details on Adda52.com. Just mail your new account details along with the bank statement or the front page of the passbook (with account details on it) or a scanned copy of the cheque (with your name printed on it) for the above-mentioned bank account number on [email protected] & details will be updated within 24 hrs. Alternatively, you can call our customer care number: 1800-572-0611 (Timings: 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM | Mon-Sun). Our customer support may request some verification documents for the same to ensure complete safety and security for our users. Our Email and Chat Support is available 24*7. 

Q- Can I withdraw my money immediately after deposit?

Ans- No. Withdrawal of deposits is only allowed once you make the required release units.

If user has not used any bonus code at the time of deposit, user has to earn 'Release Units' equivalent to 12% of the deposit amount. In cases where the user has availed/used any promotional offer/bonus code, the terms of the respective offer have to be fulfilled. 

For every Rs.100 wagered, a player earns 6 Release Units.

If the user fails to accumulate the required Release Unit and asks for withdrawal, Adda52 reserves the right to charge a penalty

Q- What will happen if my transaction gets failed and chips are not credited to my Adda52 account? However, the money gets deducted from my bank account.

Ans- In case the amount has been debited from your bank account, please wait for 2- 5 working days and the bank will reverse it to your account. You can always contact our support team (dial 1800-572-0611 or e-mail us at [email protected]) and they’ll guide you from there.

Q - What will happen in case of bonus misuse?

Ans- If a User files a redemption on receipt of any purchase bonus without fulfilling the terms of the promotion, it’s considered as misuse of Bonus. In such cases, Adda52.com reserves the right to forfeit the complete Bonus or recover the bonus amount from real cash available in the account or redemption. In certain cases, it may even attract additional penalties

Q - Where can I use my bonuses?

Ans- Tournament bonus cannot be used to play on cash tables. To play Ring games, you need to pay the buy-in using real cash or Real Money + instant bonus.

Similarly, you cannot use the instant bonus to join Multi-table Tournament and Sit & Go tables. Only real cash or Real Money + Tournament bonus can be used to get registered to play.


Q - How is the TDS calculated on winnings?

Ans-TDS is calculated on withdrawal of above Rs 10,000 from your winnings in a single attempt. For more information about TDS click here


Q - What is ‘refer-a-friend program?

Ans- Refer-A-friend is a unique referral program for Adda52 users which allows them to earn cash bonus and other referral benefits by inviting their friends to play with them on the website.

You can generate a unique invite link from here which you can share with your friends through email or social media (Facebook, Twitter). When your friend registers on the website using the invite link and plays a real cash game, you instantly receive bonus chips in your account.

Q - What are the recommended system requirements for desktop clients?

Ans -   Minimum requirements: 

Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 running on compatible device.
Core 2 Duo processor. 
2GB RAM 1GB of free disk space for download and installation.

Recommended requirements:
 Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 running on compatible devices
 Modern processor unit 
>4GB of RAM (higher for best performance) 
2GB of free disk space for download and installation
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