Texas Holdem Pot Limit Card Game

Pot limit games have the standard forced blinds like no limit games but that is where the similarities end. In these games any player can raise the bet up to the amount that is already in the pot, provided they have the chips in front of them.

The minimum bet is set by the size of the last bet or raise. Here, the max limit is the pot; when you play online, most programs calculate the highest bet you can make and will not allow you to bet more than this. If you have a blind of Rs.50 and Rs.100, the first player can either raise the bet by betting Rs.200 –Rs.350 which is the range from minimum bet to maximum bet.

Whatever amount is put on the table, you have to cover that amount; in order to raise, firstly, you have to cover the amount and then add to the total that is in the pot. Now, there are side pots that are a part of these games. These pots are created in order to accommodate the people who do not have the maximum but would still like to get on with the action. There are so many nuances to this particular game betting structure that is not recommended for beginners. Although with online casinos doing the mathematics part themselves; some beginners might fair a little better than if they were left to calculate the bets on their own.

Pot limit Texas Holdem poker has a potential for some incredible wins but the same potential is also there for losing as well. That is why we recommend that beginners should learn more on the poker games rules and strategies before pulling up a seat at this table. And therefore it is said, Pot limit Texas Holdem can either be a feast or a famine!


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