7 Card Stud Follow the Queen Poker

If you are looking for a fun and also interested in a twist to standard 7 Card Stud try “Follow the Queen”. The format and the structure of the game play is same as regular stud poker but the nature of this game never let’s you get comfortable. The hands can change their value at any time.

How to Play Follow the Queen Poker & its Rules
The game begins with a forced ante. All bets in and now the dealer gives 3 cards to each player, they are given one at a time and 2 are face down, one face up. It gets interesting when the cards are being turned up and someone may get a queen. If no one gets the queen, the person with the highest card starts the betting. For betting guidelines, refer the same guideline points of 7 Card Stud Poker game.\

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Other rounds of cards are turned up and betting takes place. This is how the game progresses, each time a card is turned, players get an opportunity to bid, raise, check or fold. The dealing goes on until every one has six cards. Among those six cards, everyone should have two down cards and 4 up cards. After the last round of bet, the dealer asks how the players want to receive the final card; they can have it up or down. The best five card poker hand wins the pot.

Seems like pretty standard stuff to play the game, right? Now we will tell you about the twist in this game which makes it more interesting and also frustrating, at one time.

The wild cards in 7 Card Stud Follow The Queen Poker Game, change depending on the queen. All queens dealt face up are considered as wild cards. Each time a queen is dealt to a player, the next subsequent card will become a wild card. If another queen is dealt to the same player, the previous wild card is no longer wild and the next card following the second queen is now wild.

This continues until the game ends or all four queens are in play. However, some queen poker games must require a queen in order to play, meaning “No Queen No Play”; this rule forces you to play the game with a queen; however, if a queen does not appear in one of the face up cards, nobody wins the pot and the game starts again with each player anteing.


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