7 Card Stud Wall Street Poker Card Game

If you have ever watched the television series “The Price is Right”, you will be amazed to know how much the in this game resembles the show. The difference basically lies in the fact that instead of prizes, here you are buying the ACES. However, no player is forced to buy the ACES; he can opt to just take a regular card on his turn.

In the beginning, three cards are dealt with each player, 2 face down & 1 face up. Further, four more face-up cards are put on the board; these are your cards for sale. The betting starts with the player whose card has the highest value. The cards on the board are referred to as “Wall Street”; at one end of the row, a chip is put on a card to mark it for sale.

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The 7 Card Stud Wall Street Poker Card Game gets interesting when each player has to acquire another card so they have to either buy it from the “Wall Street” or take a card from the deck. Each of the four cards is sold by a unit price as decided in the beginning of the game, which is paid to the pot.

In every round, before each purchase, any empty position in Wall Street is filled from the deck. Once everyone has their cards, more betting is done. After each round of betting the decision is made to buy or take for free. This continues until each player has four face up cards in front of them. Betting always begins with the player showing the highest card for that deal.

In the final round, the Wall Street is discarded and the final decision whether to play for the Hi or Low hand is made. Once this is done the showdown reveals a winner.


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