Important Life Lessons That Poker Teaches You

How can you learn something in the best possible way? Definitively by combining activities that you enjoy with learning and gaining experience. Some people prefer learning from the thoughts and experiences of other people by reading books, listening to podcasts, watching tutorial videos, etc. Some people believe that the most effective way to learn is ‘trial and error’. The more you do something on your own, the more you master it.

But what poker has to do with learning?

Whatever you choose to call it, poker is one of the best games to hone your mental abilities and achieve your self-development goals.

Surprisingly or not, but poker actually helps you learn a lot about how to deal with real-life situations. Playing poker provides you opportunities to obtain great life wisdom and become a better version of yourself, besides financial benefits.

So, what let’s have a look at what poker teaches us about life –

Poker teaches patience

Poker is not a game that you can begin to win right away. You cannot be a successful poker player overnight. If you come to the table expecting to win each and every game, you might end up disappointed. It is essential to learn the basic poker rules and acquire the required level of skills and knowledge before joining the game. Similarly in life, no matter what you do, there is no shortcut to success. You have to put in hard work and true dedication to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Don’t rush into things. Take time to weigh your options. Poker gives you the chance to learn the importance of patience in order to achieve success, sooner than the people who never tried playing poker.

Poker teaches you how to access risk

If you are a young guy, you surely know how tempting it is to take bold and risky decisions. After all, when you have time to make mistakes if not now? That is all true, but why risk your own health, relationships, or whatever else. Instead, you can try to play poker. Of course, here you will also risk something- your money. However, if you dedicate enough time to become quite a skilled player, your initial investment will soon pay off. Poker shows beginners how important it is to measure changes and make conscious decisions. This is the reason why players with analytic approach and rational mind usually get better rewards for their efforts than those who lack these qualities.

Poker has an impact on your concentration level

Some people still blindly believe that poker is just a game of luck. In reality, it is harder to find a more ridiculous opinion. Luck has nothing to do with success in poker. Playing poker on a high level requires extreme focus and analytics approach. You can not miss anything that is going on the table. Sometimes just one gesture, smile, or move of your opponent may reveal all you need to know to guess his tactic and tip the balance on your side. You need to keep a close eye on your opponent to find out the ‘tells’.

Poker is a game of skills and mathematics. No mystical force can help you win the game. Without focus and determination, your chances to win are somewhat faint. However, if you are keen to learn and have a ”never give up” attitude, you can turn the odds in your favor and improve your winning possibilities on a poker table as well as in your real life.


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