Three of a kind

 three of a kind poker

In the world of playing Poker, hand ranking plays a very vital role in running the table continuously. Generally, these hand rankings decide the winner among many players. In the series of ten-hand rankings, Three of a Kind is one of the good and easy to get Poker hands on the felts of Poker.

Three of Kind Poker hand consists of three cards of similar ranks and two cards with different ones. Before diving into the concept of Three of a kind, we would first understand all the hand rankings of Poker.

Poker Hand Rankings

Below find the hand ranking of Poker from top to bottom series-

  • Royal Flush- It is the highest hand ranking of Poker which consists of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 of the same suits.
  • Straight Flush- It is the second highest hand ranking in the game of Poker which consists of five consecutive numerical number cards of the same suit.
  • Four of a kind- When the player has four cards of the same rank in the hand.
  • Full house- In this, the player has a Three of a Kind and One Pair in the same hand.
  • Flush- The player has 5 cards with the same suit in the hand in the flush.
  • Straight- When the player has 5 cards in a straight numerical order in the hand.
  • Three of a kind- Here, the player has three cards of the same rank in the hand.
  • Two Pair- In this, the player has two pairs of the same rank in hand.
  • One Pair- The player has two cards of the same rank in one pair.
  • High card- When the player has the highest ranking card(s) in the hand.

Understanding Three of a Kind

Three of a kind consists of three cards of the same rank and two cards with different ones. This is the second highest hand after the straight hand. The possibility of having the three of a kind is not as challenging as getting the other hand rankings which are above the rank of the Flush. As Three of a Kind holds the seventh rank in the series of hand rankings, it’s easy to achieve it.

You can make a Three of a Kind in two different ways. First is the situation where you may get two cards with the same rank as your hole cards and one on the board. The other is, you may have only one card as your hole one and could find two cards of similar ranks on the board.

While playing the game, if two players make Three of a kind, then the value of their card rankings will be taken into consideration for declaring the winner. The one who has the highest card value of his/her three cards will be a winner. Let's understand this with an example-

Suppose two players were playing Poker at the table.

A have King of Spade, King of Club, King of Diamond, 7 of Club, and a Jack of Heart.

B has 5 of the Club, 5 Diamonds, 5 of Heart, Q of Spade, and an Ace of Spade.

Now here, A holds the highest value of cards i.e. K as compared to B. As Kings consist of higher value rather than 5. In this A will be a winner.

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Three of a Kind FAQS

How many hands can a Three of a kind beat?

Three of a Kind holds the seventh rank in Poker hand rankings. There are three more hands which come under the Three of a Kind i.e. High card, One Pair, Two Pair. And Three of a Kind can beat all of these.

How many ways can we get a Three of a Kind?

There are 54,912 ways to make Three of a Kind hand and only 848 ways to achieve it if we follow the card suite condition. The technical probability of getting the Three of a Kind is 2.1128% or once in every 46 hands.

Is getting a Three of a Kind too difficult?

Getting a three-of-a-kind is not difficult at all. After the high card, one and two pairs, Three of Kind is a hand that can be achieved by a player very easily.

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