Latin American Poker Tour

The Latin American Poker Tour is a major poker tournament, played on a competitive basis and held in Latin American countries, which sees the participation of the best poker players from across the world. The tournament commenced in 2008, and is currently in its fifth season. It is sponsored by PokerStars and is based on models of international poker championships like the European Poker Tour, the Asia Pacific Poker Tour and the North American Poker Tour. It has received immense popularity and is currently recognized as one of the most intensely fought out and competitive poker tournaments in the world.

Player Profile:
The Latin American Poker Tour has witnessed the likes of Jose Miguel Espinar and Ryan Free participate and win championships. Countries participating in these include Argentina, Germany, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway and so on. The prizes offered range across the ranks obtained by the players from different countries and also vary according to the kind of poker events held in a particular installment of this annual championship. For example, first rank in LAPT2 event in Mar del Plata provided the winner with 381,030 USD worth of cash. Similarly the amount of money offered to winners in any category varies from season to season.

Other Details:
The Latin American Poker Tour takes place, in a particular season, across a number of cities in the Latin American countries. Some of the cities which have hosted chapters of the Latin American Poker Tour include Punta Del Este, Vina Del Mar, Medellin, Lima, Sao Paolo and so on. These are cities which have the infrastructure to host chapters of this renowned and large-scale event.

Latest Season:
Season 5 is the latest season of the LAPT or Latin American Poker Tour. It has witnessed the participation of 338 players, competing for a prize pool of 754,080 USD. The various events held within the ambit of the Latin American Poker Tour include the Panama Main Event, Uruguay event, Colombia National Poker Championship and soon. Each place hosting the event has its own following and the crowd interest generated by the LAPT is quite exciting.

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