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There are many handbooks and guidebooks available, both in stores and online, which can help you improve your poker skills and develop some tricks of the trade. However, a cautionary word is necessary. Poker books are not meant to teach you how to play poker well. You must display a natural aptitude for the game, which can only come from actual participation in the game, and books can merely improve the foundation you create for yourself. Poker Book Reviews are helpful in providing an understanding of which books to follow and which to avoid.

Why Poker Book Reviews?
Some of the well known players, have shared their experience and knowledge in some books; which include The Poker Theory by David Sklanky, Hold’em Excellence by Lou Kreiger, Winning Low Limit Hold’em and so on. There are books for every kind of poker game ever devised and Poker Book Reviews help in identifying the merits and demerits of such games. Players themselves participate in analyzing and assessing a particular book on poker, since that way the review is bound to be authentic and helpful to other aspirants.

What to include in a Poker Book Review?
There are certain things which one should look for in Poker Book Reviews. Some of these are as follows:
• Poker Book Reviews must be completely honest and transparent. It must be remembered that users will depend upon the tips and strategies presented by a poker book and apply them on the poker tables they encounter and hence it is completely necessary to be objective and honest in reviewing the accuracy of the book.
• Poker Book Reviews must take into account the readers for whom the book is targeted. In other words, books can be classified into categories meant for amateurs, professionals, and people in between. Therefore the reviewer must take this into account.
• The Poker Book Reviews must be comprehensive and helpful for the reader. It should be concise and point to the salient features of the book being reviewed. Poker Book Reviews are highly sought after in the world of online gaming.


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