Six Offbeat Positions to Play Online Poker

While playing online poker, you need to pick up an optimum space to play the game to breathe easy and feel at home. Position is one of the key elements to consider when playing texas hold’em poker as it induces action in all betting rounds. Following are the six factors that make up great offbeat positions to play online poker:

  • The best tables to play online poker games are the ones with 6 to 8 people. Next time you play online poker, prefer choosing tables with player count of 6-max and 8-max.Table-with-6-chairs


  • The best time to play online poker is between IST 6:30 PM to 12 AM as the poker tables are full of action, and there are more fishes swimming around.Wall-Clock
  • Generally, later position on a poker table is always considered better than the earlier position, and ‘button’ being the best position. The ‘button’ is the poker table position between the ‘cutoff’ and the ‘small blind’. The player in this position on the poker table is the last one to bet in all the rounds of betting and thus has the control over the final pot size.


  • When choosing your poker game, you should look out for a table with atleast 3 fishes, and then choose your seat because this will allow you to play pots in position against the weak players. You can identify a fish if a player has a stack size of 40-80 big blinds on a table as winning players usually buy-in for 100 big blinds.Fishes-in-a-bowl


  • Good posture also helps you to position yourself in the game. So, make sure the chair you are sitting on is of the right size. Moreover, chair should have the lumbar support with an adjustable backrest.


  • While playing online poker, you should single out few tables to play on the basis of following conditions: pots played at the table in recent history, number of players in waiting list and the tables with the highest seen flop percentages.



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