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Rummy for Amateur     


Rummy for Amateur / Beginner


Indian Rummy is an exciting game played with at least two decks. It is a very popular card game in India and is played both communally and at home with family.

Some feel that Indian Rummy is inspired by two games – Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy, played in USA, whereas some others feel that Indian Rummy developed from Rhuk or Celebes Rummy, a game played in South Asia.

Rummy works on the principle of ‘draw and discard’ with the final goal of developing a good hand of cards and finally winning. After the cards are dealt to each player, the residual cards are piled face-down in the centre of the table with one card opened. The first player has a choice of taking either the open card or drawing a card from the other pile. And then the player is required to discard one card in order to maintain the total number of cards in hand. The discard is open and viewed by all. This is called the discard pile. Each player proceeds in the same manner, drawing one card from untouched pile or discard pile and discarding one card.

According to the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, it is completely legal to play Rummy as it is a game of skill and not entirely a game of chance.

The game and its rules explained here are more or less the same as applied in offline Rummy that we play at home.

Rummy Basics

Before starting the Rummy Journey, let us learn some basic rules of Online Rummy Game. More...

Game Play Features

Before you start playing Rummy online on, it is very essential to know about the various game features that you encounter during the gameplay like Declare function, Drop function, Meld function etc. Understanding each function is necessary so that you can play the game smoothly and enjoy it at the same time. More...

Rummy Rules

Know Points Rummy Rules & Rummy Tournament Rules to play 13 Card Indian Rummy Online at More...

Tips & Strategies

Here are some really useful tips that you can implement while playing in an Online Rummy Tournament or a Rummy Practice Game. These tips can sometimes work as strategies that can help you to beat your opponent. More...

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