7 Card Stud ‘Have a Heart’ Poker

7 Card Stud has a lot of variants that add excitement to the popular card game. ‘Have a Heart’ stud poker is one such variant. The game is generally played by 3-7 players and pots can be limit or no-limit.  This variation is very similar to 7 card stud; the only exception is when a player gets a heart.

How to Play ‘Have a Heart’ Stud Poker and Rules

As we mentioned, if you play 7 card stud or any other variants, you already have a working knowledge of the rules of the 7 Card Stud Have a Heart Poker Game. The gameplay begins with an ante. There are no forced blinds like other poker variants.

The dealer gives each player two cards face down and a round of betting takes place. Players can either bid, check, raise or fold depending on how strongly they feel about the possibilities of the cards that are in their hand.

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The next cards are dealt face up for all to see. This is when the rule of the heart comes into play. Any player receiving a heart on his turn will get the chance to exchange cards with other players. They can only change the cards that are shown, not the hole cards. The player they want to exchange the card with is not obligated to give up his card. This also means that some players will end the game with more cards than others. Now, betting takes place again.

Another up card is dealt and the player who has the best up card begins the betting round. The same heart rule applies here as well. Now the third card is dealt and with exchanges as described previously and more betting ensues.

The fourth card is dealt and play continues in a similar manner like previous rounds. The player with the best hand always begins the betting round.

The last card is always “down and dirty’, the opponents bet on their hands. At this point there will be some who opt out of the showdown. Whoever is left reveals his hands and the best hand wins the pot.

There aren’t any online rooms offering this variant but it is a fun game to play with your friends. It is easy to learn and will provide great entertainment for all. So call your friends and invite them to have a heart.


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