Indian Rummy Variations

Indian Rummy Variations

The second most frequently played game is Rummy. The game holds rules according to the variant wherein there are multiple variants of online rummy. Different versions have different rules which might be confusing for an amateur player to play. However, we have made this easy by describing most of the rummy variations played around the world.

13 Card Rummy

13 Card Rummy is played with two decks of cards wherein each deck is of 52 cards with a printed Joker. The game is played between two to six players wherein each player gets 13 cards. The main objective of this game is to arrange all the 13 cards into a proper sequence or set. A sequence is where three or more cards are of the same suit in a consecutive sequence. There can be a pure or impure sequence wherein an impure sequence is made including a Joker. However, a set is formed by three or more cards of the same rank irrespective of the suit.

21 Card Rummy

21 Card Rummy, commonly known as Indian Marriage, is a popular Rummy variant in India. It is played during several important festivals. It is more time-consuming and interesting than traditional Rummy. It's identical to 13-card Rummy, except that 3 decks are used rather than two in 13-card Rummy. Each participant is dealt 21 cards and must shuffle them into three decks and organize them into proper sets and pure sequences.

Free Rummy

Sometimes some players just want to play for fun without spending money, for them, Free Rummy is the best option. This is for those who either want to learn the basics of the game or just want to play without paying anything. Free Rummy does not include the risk of losing funds.

Cash Rummy

Unlike Free Rummy, the Cash Rummy variant involves playing with cash. The winnings are also in the form of real cash. This is one of the most lucrative options to play rummy as winning in the form of real cash makes it more interesting.

Indian Rummy

Indian rummy aka paplu in India is one of the most popular card games. It's also one of the country's top five indoor games. This is not as similar as the board games which are played on a board such as chess game or Ludo. While Indian Rummy can be played offline as well as online. Hence, the game has gained popularity among the masses in the digital world. The most important rule of this variant, unlike basic Rummy games, is that you can only declare after making at least 2 pure sequences.

Pool Rummy

This is one sub-variant of the 13 card rummy wherein it is played between 2 to 4 players. The Pool Rummy has two subcategories.

101 Pool Rummy

It's a unique rummy game style in which participants play constantly for a few rounds until one of them scores 101 points or more. When a player achieves 101 points, he or she is out of the game. The winner will be the last remaining player.

201 Pool Rummy

When a player's gained points reach or cross 201 points, he or she is kicked out of the game. The winner is the last remaining player on the table.

Traditional Rummy

One of the most popular card games from ancient times is traditional Rummy. It is a very old game that has been played for over 200 hundred years. It's a simple draw-and-discard card game that may be played with two to six players. It's one of the easiest card games to pick up and play, which is why it's so popular. Traditional Rummy is the same old traditional game with simple rules that are enjoyed by individuals of all ages, as the name indicates.

Rummy 500 (Persian Rummy)

The other most popular format of the rummy game is Rummy 500 which is also known as the Persian Rummy, Pinochle Rummy, or 500 Rum. There must be a minimum of two players to start the game and a maximum of 8 players. Each player is dealt with 7 cards each and the remaining cards are kept in the stockpile. 

This Rummy version is distinguished by the fact that every player is awarded the value of the cards through the sets he melds along with the regular points and cards made in the hands of the opponents. The game is won by the first player to reach a total score of 500 or more over several hands, as the name implies.

Gin Rummy

In this Gin rummy game, there are only two players who compete against each other. There can be more than two players as well, however, another deck of cards will be used for them. The main goal of this variant is to discard the cards and the one who gets rid of the cards first becomes the winner. Each player is dealt with 10 cards each in this game and the remaining cards go in the stockpile. However, the 21st card is kept face up to initiate the discard pile.

Contract Rummy

Rummy that is played in several rounds is known as contract rummy. Every round has a distinct contract requirement, in which the players must gather a certain mix of sequences and groups that may then be melded. As the game continues, the contracts on each trade get increasingly stringent. The game is best played with three to five people, with four being the optimal number.

Indian Marriage Rummy

Marriage Rummy is only played in India and the Indian Rummy is also known as the Indian Marriage Rummy. This variant is played with three or more packs of cards. It is almost similar to the 21-card Rummy. Even after playing all hands, the goal at the end of the game is to be the player with the most points. This Rummy game requires three or more 52-card decks, excluding the joker and wild cards. Each player chooses one card, and the player with the highest number deals first.

Points Rummy

This Points Rummy is generally for novice players who are still in the learning process. This is the simplest and most basic variant of 13-card rummy played with 80-Points. Because one round of this game is very short, two to three minutes to be exact, it is one of the most popular online Rummy games formats. The game's winner is the player who has the lowest score at the finish line of the game.

Deals Rummy

This is similar to the points Rummy but the only difference is in the number of deals. Each player gets an equal number of chips at the beginning of the game, however, they have to keep losing their chips to the winners as the game progresses. The player with the maximum number of chips at the end is declared the winner.

Apart from these, there are other variants such as Canasta Rummy, Rummikub, Oklahoma Rummy, Kalooki Rummy, Shanghai Rummy, and Dummy Rummy, etc played in other outside countries. 

Now that you know the difference between each variant and type of rummy game, kickstart your winning process by playing your favorite variant at Adda52.

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