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The world is practicing social distancing, which has limited options for people to go out and have fun. Because of the on-going coronavirus pandemic, it is not safe to step out of your homes and party with your friends in a club. But just because you can’t physically be with your friends, it doesn’t mean that you cannot play with them. A lot of online multiplayer games are in a rage because they are providing an opportunity for people to have a fun time with their friends or with people from different parts of the globe.

Findings suggest that playing online games can also help you deal with daily stressors and boost your overall well-being – something that we need to sustain in this tough situation. There are lots of different games suitable for different categories of players.

For instance, teenagers can reunite with their friends in an intense royale battleground by playing games like Fortnite, Clash of Clans, Counterstrike, and much more. Kids can play games like Minecraft and Roblox to engage their cognitive functions while sitting at home. Adults can sharpen their brains and rediscover their mental arithmetic by playing real money card games, and also other games like GTA V.

So, what are you waiting for? Have the best time with your friends without stepping out of your homes. Play these trending games right now!

Below mentioned are some trending games that you can pick to bring your clan together for some exciting fun sessions during this time of social distancing:

Online Poker:

online poker

With lots of online poker sites coming up, players have the option to play tournaments and cash games at any time of the day. As poker enthusiasts have a multitude of options, you can always sit down to play poker games no matter where you live. The best part with online poker is that you have the option to multi-table (which is probably suitable for those who want to experience more thrill and challenges). You can play on different online tables at the same time and enjoy the ultimate variety.

With the rising awareness about poker as a strategy-driven game, players have been treating it as a ‘mathematical marvel’ and making it a secondary source of income for extra earnings. Not only can you earn big, but also polish your real-life skills such as observation skills, analytical skills, emotional intelligence, and much more. You can play round the clock on your smartphones and tablets.

With online poker, you get everything ‘extra’ in terms of accessibility, choices, winning prizes, thrill, and comfort than you get when playing in a brick and mortar casino.



It won’t be wrong to say that this innovative game has been witnessing a resurgence over the years and gaining popularity among the new generation of gamers. You can play this game with your friends, discover your creativity skills, and build whatever you want to create in your creative mode or devise strategies to last long in the survival mode.

Playing Minecraft provides you an opportunity to unleash your creative abilities and stimulate the part of your brain and entice you to challenge yourself in innovative ways. It is the best way to express your ideas, thoughts, and discover your true self by engaging with little placeable blocks and exposing yourself to new adventures.

Garena Free Fire:

Garena Free Fire

Garena’s Free Fire is a battle royale game where players compete with each other in real-time on a big island and kill each other to be the last man standing in the deathmatch. The game is similar to other battle royale games where players are dropped onto an island and they have to search for weapons and armor to save themselves from other rivals and the ever-shrinking death circle.

The reason why Free fire is quite popular across the world is that it is a mobile-friendly game and comprises low graphics, still not compromising on the quality and the playing experience. You can also choose to play this game on PC as you will have a bigger screen, which means you can easily spot your rivals in the battleground and have a more thrilling playtime.


Pacify game

The new generation of gamers is going gaga over this scariest game. Though this multiplayer game is not very much based on strategy and planning, it’s exciting and keeps players engaged. Some moments will be spine chilling for you and keep you guessing what will happen next. Most of the scary parts of the game come from jump scares.

In this game, players are required to investigate the haunted house to find the keys, pacify dolls, and other important items like matchsticks, woods, etc. to progress the game and save themselves from the evil girl. The objective of this game is to survive and escape.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare:

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of Duty is also a multiplayer battle royale game like Free-Fire that has managed to grab the attention of players even after years. Probably the best part about this game is that it has a high player count, making the game more exciting and thrilling. This fun game also features a crazy mode called zombies which is very creative to play.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is one of the best battle royale games that brings back the true vibe of Modern Warfare games. If you are crazy about battle shooter games, then this game is worth a try. Modern Warfare has been one of the biggest selling games of 2019. The game has a huge player base and is played by people of all skill levels.

Online Rummy:

Online Rummy

 Just like poker, rummy is another skill-based card game where players are required to meld their cards into valid sequences and sets. To emerge as a winner in this game, players are required to utilize their decision-making abilities, churn their brains to think in probabilities and keep tabs on the table dynamics to make the best decision. The skills you learn in this game are similar to poker.

Beginners can learn the game by playing free practice games on online platforms and then jump to cash tables and tournaments. The rise of online card gaming platforms has made it easier for the card-lovers, especially those who are introverts or less-socially outgoing, to play conveniently in their home, discover their talent, and engage with players in real-time online.



Fortnite also falls in the category of battle royale games that is famous for its cartoon-like characters and set-up. The game is known for its 100-player battle royale mode. You can choose to play as a solo player or with a team in a survival match against other players or teams.

Since the launch of this game, Fortnite has amassed popularity to become the most important battle shooter games across the world. Players compete against each other on a colorful island that is peppered with abandoned houses, soccer fields, towns, etc. From constructing ramshackle forts to blowing players to smithereens, players can have the best playing time with this popular multiplayer game. Play it on your smartphone or PC, the choice is yours!

Fall Guys:

Fall Guys

Featuring colorful jelly beans overcoming the hurdles coming in the way and making their way to the finish line, this game has become a mega-hit among players and popular game streamers. Within a month of its release, this game has attracted millions of players. Though this game is considered to be a fresh take on the battle shooter genre, Fall Guys features a more comical approach, rather than an intense approach.

In this game, 60 players participate in the game at one time and play as jelly beans. These cute and adorable jelly beans attempt to cross through multiple candy-colored obstacles to win crowns. These crowns are the in-game currency that is utilized by players to purchase attractive skins and items.

Pokemon Go:

This amazing augmented reality game has been a massive hit among players of all ages and has encouraged them to hit the streets to find imaginary and cute Pokémon. This game utilizes the phone’s camera and GPS to overlay the real world with a digital fantasy world. It is also said that this game is bringing a significant transformation in terms of social engagement.

You can walk around your home and neighborhood to collect the hidden Pokemon. The game uses the GPS of your mobile GPS, allows you to interact with your friends, and enables you to keep tabs on their activities in the game. Keeping in mind the social distancing, game developers have made some adjustments so that players can find more monsters in their home or places which are close to their homes, making the game more fun and consumable in individual settings.

Grand Theft Auto V Online:

Grand Theft Auto V Online

Players can get GTA: Online free of cost with the purchase of GTA 5. This game is played on PC. GTA Online is the multiplayer side of GTA 5 that enables players to establish your criminal empire, dealing with arms or any other illegal enterprise. If you are a beginner in this game, you will easily find a lot of tips and tricks to guide you in choosing the best car, equip the best weapons, and earn a boatload of virtual cash.

Game developers have been constantly upgrading the online world with advanced features to make the game more interesting and thrilling for the players. The game is usually recommended to adults and not for kids or teenagers.



If you love Pictionary then this game is definitely for you. This is a fun-filled easy game, unlike intense or mentally challenging games like battle royale or online card games. All you have to do is to gather your friends in a private game room and flaunt your drawing skills with Skribbl! Like a traditional Pictionary, each player will get a word and will try to draw a chosen word with your finger on the digital canvas. Challenge your friends to guess what you are drawing.

This game allows you and your friends to take turns drawing and guessing what’s being drawn. The game also features the option of group chat so you can make fun of each other’s terrible renditions and have a great time.

Play these thrilling online multiplayer games with your friends or other ace players online to polish your gaming skills and encourage a positive mental attitude. There are numerous ways to utilize your gaming skills and make a different career path for yourself.

If you want to simply play these games for fun, then play with your friends in your free time. If you want to be a gamer, broaden your horizons by competing with ace players. If you want to utilize your gaming skills to entertain people, then work on creating scripts and learning editing software.

Happy playing and have a great time!

Bhupendra Chahar
Bhupendra Chahar from Agra, a professional with a master's degree in Computer Science. He has over a decade of expertise in the world of poker. As a seasoned poker player, he understands the complexities of the game. Through his blogs, readers can gain valuable insight to improve their card game skills.

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