How to Play Card Games to Earn Real Money in India

Card games are loved by millions of people all across the globe. Though playing offline card games is a great mean of entertainment, the online version also provides the opportunity to prove your mettle against players from different parts of the world. The most popular online card game which is gradually gaining popularity in India is none other than – poker.

Learning how to play poker is as easy as ABC. There are so many online and offline resources available to learn the basics of the game such as books, tutorial videos, blogs, articles, online forums, etc. What’s important is to find out how to get an upper hand against players of different levels of expertise when you play with real money.

Regardless of whether you are a pro, recreational player, or an amateur, here we have listed some valuable tips which will help you crush the real money poker games and make big profits –

Choose the right platform

Although there are a number of gaming sites available out there, it is not easy to find out a reliable and authentic online place to play with real money. There are few crucial factors which you must consider before signing up on an online gaming portal –

  1. Certifications. The website must be RNG certified for fair and unpredictable gameplay.
  2.  Safe, easy, and smooth deposit and withdrawal options.
  3. 24×7 games availability.   
  4. Dedicated customer support for resolution of your game-related queries.

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Choose the right table

Poker is all about strategies and tactics. You need to play only that variant at that stake level which suits your interest, skills, and bankroll. Self-evaluation is the key to improve your game. To find the best table for you, you have to honestly evaluate your gameplay and identify your weaknesses and strengths. Study the table first to know which type of opponents you are going to play against. Position on the table is equally important so you have to pay attention to on which player you have the direct position on and who is going to have a direct position on you and plan your moves accordingly.   

Money Management

Not keeping a healthy bankroll is considered a fatal mistake in the world of poker. Winning and losing is a part of every game. Many players find it hard to follow a strict bankroll management plan and face financial difficulties whenever they suffer losses in the game. The benefits of practising sound bankroll are obvious. The money you keep separately to play poker games supports you at the time of downswings. It also helps you set a time and budget limit to play real money games. In order to play real money games without any worries about getting financially broke in case you lose, bankroll management is an absolute necessity.


If you are looking to expand your skill-set, practice playing the game as much as you can. In order to survive and reach a higher level in the poker world, you need to learn how to make decisions quickly under pressure. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, playing a few hands a day online is enough to boost your confidence and sharpen your skills. After every game session, review your game to find out the mistakes you made at the table. Look for ways to eliminate the weak spots in your game to ensure never making the same mistakes again in the future.


To play poker, it is crucial to have a basic understanding of poker maths. Poker is a game of probability. Your every action at the table such as raise a bet, call, or fold should be based on the calculation of pot odds. You can choose the perfect amount to bet on the basis of your assessment of the possibility of you or your opponent winning the hand. You need to become familiar with the mathematical concepts in order to outsmart your opponents by making calculated decisions at the table.


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