Why Playing Card Games On Diwali Is Good Fortune?

It’s Diwali season and what excites most of us apart from the crackers is playing card games. We clean our houses and decorate them with lights and diyas, but do you think that this festival is complete without playing card games? Playing online earning games such as Poker, Teen Patti, Rummy, etc are considered to bring prosperity throughout the year as the tradition follows. But have you ever wondered how card games despite being a real cash game made their way into our Diwali celebrations? 

Well, Indian mythology provides one of the possible solutions. Gambling on Diwali night is thought to invoke Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, who may bestow benefits on the player’s family for the upcoming year.

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It is also believed that Goddess Parvati also played the game of dice with Lord Shiva. Goddess Lakshmi gave this boon that whoever gambles on the occasion of Diwali would find fortune throughout the year. This tradition is still followed in Indian culture. People invite their friends and families for a get-together and play cards on Diwali as it brings fortune to them.

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As Diwali is one of the major festivals of Hindus where goddess Lakshmi is worshipped all around the country, people believe in investing in new ventures on this auspicious day. We are not sure of how much these mythological aspects are true but one thing is for sure, that playing together with our friends and family brings happiness where we share a token of love and sweets with each other. Isn’t it?

Another story of playing cards on Diwali is an Agrarian one. Since the time of the Diwali festival is the harvesting season which is a time of joy for the farmers of India. During the old times, after the harvesting season, the farmers used to celebrate the harvest together by sharing sweets and grains. They pray to the Goddess Lakshmi ( Goddess of good fortune & wealth) for a flourishing season. They, too, enjoyed dice games, which evolved through time into a range of gambling and card games present in the twenty-first century! There are many real money poker apps for android these days to enjoy playing this game online during the digital era.

The custom of playing cards on Diwali has multiple split opinions. Many people consider this as an unsuitable activity for a religious gathering whereas the other opinion is to enjoy it as a part of the joy and a nice method to foster family and friend bonding. Since Diwali falls during the sign of Libra (which represents balance), playing cards seems like a good approach to develop balance and moderation. 

Ultimately, It’s all up to you how you consider this and celebrate your Diwali. We assume that this is not about winning or losing but how you play the game is all that matters.

So, forget all your worries and play Poker this Diwali at Adda52 with your friends and family and make way for big winnings. Download the poker app and enjoy playing anywhere at your convenience.

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