Small Ball Poker Strategy

The Small ball poker strategy is often credited to poker pro Daniel Negreanu and can be affectively used in the early stages of No Limit Texas Holdem tournaments. The Small ball poker strategy is a two point strategy where a player does the following:

1. Playing too many pots thus projecting a loose image.

2. Raising to small bets or calling small raises within the pot.

The key projection that a poker player does in this poker strategy is coming out as a loose aggressive poker player. And a player combines this with making small bets so he tries to make his opponents believe that he has good hands often.

By following this strategy in the game of poker, a player makes sure that he doesn’t get stuck in big hands since he is raising small bets. Pot building leading to stack building is a major criterion in this strategy. A player tries to build pots slowly and thus win them since he raises every now and then driving away players. Small ball poker is very affective from late position and sometimes in speculative flops like pairs on the board, all royals on the board etc.

A very good aspect of Small ball poker is that if a player hits a very good starting poker hand; he will not be estimated at such cards by opponents. Other players would perceive him as a loose aggressive player who is making small bets and thus won’t read him on the good cards. Opponents might come over the top and re-raise you in such positions which will be very profitable to you.

Small ball poker strategy is good while playing small pots from late position and accumulating a good chip stack in the early stages of a poker tournament. But a good poker tip is to mix this strategy with other game styles to confuse opponents and not let them get a read on you. A player’s mannerism on the table is also very important in small ball poker as how he shows his ‘poker face’ can confuse the others.

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