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Play Poker With Friends: Create your Online Poker Table

Poker has intrigued us in ways more than one. What if we tell you, that now, you can set up your own online poker table at Adda52 and play with your friends. We bring you an opportunity to connect with your loved ones over your favorite game and win big while at it. You also get to choose between the most popular variants of this exciting game, namely- Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

So, Invite your family and friends to play real cash games with you NOW!


How To Set Up Your Own Poker Table To Play With Your Friends

It is really easy for you to set up your own poker table and host a game at Adda52. Follow these effortless steps to create your table in no time:

  • Sign Up to Create Your Account (Skip this If you are already registered).
  • Open the Game Lobby by clicking the “Play Instantly” button on the site.
  • Select the "Private Table" tab from “Options” in the Game Lobbdy.
  • Click on the "Create Table" button.
  • Select the Game variant (Hold’ em/Omaha), Table Size, Blinds & Buy-In, and click on the Create button.

Your table is ready to host a game with your friends and family. The table is visible in the table list below.

Each table you create carries a unique PIN number which is automatically generated by the system. You can view the PIN number of a table on the right side of the table list.

Send the unique code to your friends and invite them to play with you at your table.

Note : You can use only real money to play on private tables. Bonuses are not allowed on private tables.


How To Join A Poker Table Created By Your Friend

Once you have a unique code-shared by a friend hosting the private game, follow these simple steps to join the table:

  • Sign Up to Create Your Account (Skip this if you are already registered).
  • Open the Game Lobby by clicking the “Play Instantly” button on the site.
  • Select the "Private Table" tab from “Options” in the Game Lobby.
  • Enter the PIN number shared by your friend who created the table and click the “Join Table” button.
  • The private table to which you have been invited will start showing in the table list.
  • Start your journey to fun, frolic, and unlimited thrill and excitement!



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Question - How many friends can I invite to play at my table?

Answer - You can create a table for 2, 4, 6, or 9 players. So get your friends together, the more, the merrier!

Question - Can I invite people staying outside India to play?

Answer - Yes, you can invite your friends to play online from around the world.

Question - What are the minimum and maximum table blinds allowed?

Answer - The minimum and a maximum number of blinds allowed are 1/2 and 1k/2k respectively.

Question - What are the minimum and maximum amount of buy-in applicable?

Answer - Minimum and the maximum permissible limit for buy-in are set at 20/80 and 100K/ 400K respectively.

Question - For how long is a table valid for?

Answer - Once created, a table is valid for 7 days.

Question - Can I use my Instant Bonus to join a private table?

Answer - No, you can use only real money balance to join a private table.


What are the game variants that can be played on the private tables?

Answer - Texas hold’em and Omaha can be played on the private tables.



Poker Dictionary

The poker dictionary is your reference for poker jargon and the language of poker.

Testimonials From Our Players

poker player testimonial

I am a late entrant into poker world and at 43 years of age, double the age of a lot of players on the tourney circuit. I am a Private Equity Fund Manager and poker is a passion for me!! I have now been playing for over 4 years now - both cash and tournament games. My background in investing made me adapt to the game fast. The approach of studying the game through books, courses (Nick Petrangelo, raiseyouredge) online videos and bit of coaching from Prabhat Mukherjea.. all played a part in preparing me for this. This win is a testimony that poker is not gambling and hard work pays off.

I am extremely happy at winning the ATOC ME. it is apt that my first big tournament win comes on adda52 where I started my poker journey about 4 years back.

piyush goenka

poker player testimonial

Adda52 is a very good platform to play tourney high value tourneys and best RNG is here make life Profitable means best hand always best hand here no bad beats.

Umesh Singh

poker player testimonial

Amazing adda52 app with genuinity. As you win you can transfer amount instantly and will be credited to your account within 24hrs. No cheating. I recommended this app to my friends also and they play game on adda52 whenever they get free time.

george varghese

poker player testimonial

I never thought poker as gambling it’s a skilled game and you need to practice it a lot before you call yourself a expert. Thanks to Adda52-Poker for creating such platform grey stuff.

raghav bhatia

poker player testimonial

This is one of the best sites i have played on love the interface and software very smooth with fast withdrawals hands down to it.

Brandin Francis

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