Poker Tournament India

Poker is a game of skills and wits. It is one of the most exciting, entertaining, and highly competitive variants of card games. Nowadays, the tournament format of online poker playing is gaming a lot of popularity among gaming fanatics in India.

Poker enthusiasts can play poker tourneys to win money as well as to develop positive personality traits such as discipline, patience, concentration, critical thinking, and decision making abilities. There are number of players in India who are regularly participating in online or offline poker tournaments and earning decent income other than from their businesses or professions.

Adda52 is India’s biggest online gaming platform which runs several exciting online poker tournaments throughout the year. It hosts some of the most lucrative online tourneys in the industry such Adda52 Millions, Gayle Storm, Godfather, The Roar, Rush, Chip Up, Maverick, etc which are currently attracting a lot of attention of Indian poker players. Players can join these tournaments with minimal entry fees and win great rewards. Games are available in all popular variants of poker i.e. No-Limit Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, and Crazy Pineapple in various formats such as Ring Games, Tournaments, and Sit n Go.

The website also hosts satellites for major live poker tournaments. Players can participate in the satellite tournaments to win cash prizes along with entry tickets to the like poker events.

Beginners can join freeroll tournaments without investing real money and win amazing prizes.

Adda52 provides several world-class gaming features e.g. safe, secure, and user-friendly gaming interface, fast withdrawals, private tables, multi-table, etc. The website holds a Random Number Generator certification from iTech Labs, Australia.

Poker players can download Adda52 poker app directly from the website to play on their Android and IOS devices. Windows and macOS poker clients are also available to install the game on computer systems.

Adda52 accepts payments via Indian Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, Online Wallet, and Pay By UPI. Withdrawals can be made via online bank transfer or through cheque.

Many celebrities like Chris Gayle, Manjot Singh, Minissha Lamba, Anita Hassanandani, etc are prompting Adda52 on various online platforms and praising its highly-quality features. If you are also in search of the best place to play online poker tournaments in India, create an account on Adda52 right now!

8:00 AM Daily 1 Ka 4 55 RE 2000
9:00 AM Daily Super 100 100 RE 4000
10:00 AM Daily Super 50 50 RE 2500
10:00 AM Daily 1 Ka 4 300 RE 9000
11:00 AM Daily Super 200 200 RE 10000
12:00 PM Daily Rush 25 25 R+A 2000
12:00 PM Daily PLO 250 250 RE 15000
1:00 PM Daily Rush 10 10 R+A 1000
1:00 PM Daily Win the Button 200 200 RE 10000
1:00 PM Daily Rush 10 10 R+A 1000
2:00 PM Daily Super 50 50 RE 2500
2:00 PM Daily Afternoon Adda 500 Unlmtd RE 80000
3:00 PM Daily Rush 100 100 R+A 5000
4:00 PM Daily Rush 25 25 R+A 2000
4:00 PM Daily PLO 500 500 RE 30000
5:00 PM Daily Super 25 25 R+A 2000
5:00 PM Daily Rush 10 10 R+A 1000
5:00 PM Sunday Big Slick 2500 RE 1500000
5:00 PM Daily Win the Button 100 100 RE 4000
6:00 PM Daily Quad KO 200 200 RE 5000
7:00 PM Daily Super 50 50 RE 2500
7:00 PM Daily 1 Ka 4 250 RE 15000
8:00 PM Daily Rush 10 10 R+A 1000
8:00 PM Monday Goa Fest 4000 RE 800000
8:00 PM Tuesday Hitman 3300+1000 RE 750000
8:00 PM Wednesday Maverick 2500 RE 1000000
8:00 PM Thursday Godfather 5500 RE 2000000
8:00 PM Friday The Ballers 7500 RE 1500000
8:00 PM Saturday Hold'em High 2750 RE 500000
8:00 PM Sunday Mega Suits 5500 RE 2500000
8:00 PM Daily Evening Adda 500 Unlmtd RE 50000
9:00 PM Daily Super 25 25 R+A 2000
9:00 PM Daily Power Up 55 R+A 10000
9:00 PM Daily Battleground 250 Unlmtd RE 30000
10:00 PM Daily Hexagram 2000 Unlmtd RE 250000
10:30 PM Daily Twilight - PLO 1100 RE 100000
11:30 PM Daily Quad KO 200 200 RE 5000
12:00 AM Daily Midnight Bash 100 R+A 25000
1:00 AM Daily Win the Button 330 330 RE 10000
1:30 AM Daily Quad KO 100 100 RE 2500
2:00 AM Daily Super 200 200 RE 20000
Customer Care
1800 572 0611
Monday - Sunday
9 AM to 12 AM
Customer Care
1800 572 0611
Monday - Sunday
9 AM to 12 AM

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