Adda52 Pro Live

Adda52 Pro Live

A group of top-drawer poker professionals from across the country became a part of Adda52 Pro Live. These players are the most successful poker players of the Indian poker circuit, and have won several tournaments and titles in India as well as overseas. The team is a perfect blend of experienced upperclassmen and talented youth, online grinders and live game pros. With such a distinct spectrum of poker players, the members of Adda52 Pro Live are the real ambassadors of poker in India. Being a part of the Adda52 Pro Live, these players will represent India’s biggest poker brand and step-up in promoting poker as a game of skill in the country.

Nikita Luther

Nikita Luther, the first Indian female WSOP bracelet winner, is the live example of someone who lives their passions. The lady poker pro had talent for numbers right from her childhood. She fell in love with poker back in her college days. With a deep understanding of poker and 6+ years of experience, Nikita has an impressive resume both at the live and online poker felt. She is also the COO of PSL (Poker Sports League). The petite young lady grabbed eyeballs when she won the 5K Ladies Finale Event at the India Poker Championship 2015 in Goa. In July 2018, She won WSOP $1,000 NLH Tag Team Event and earned the gold bracelet along with $175,805 first place prize which she shared with her tag team partner - Giuseppe Pantaleo.


Kunal Patni

36-year-old Kunal Patni is a native of Kohima - Nagaland. In January, 2018, he finished at 2nd position for $115,368 at WPTDeepStack Berlin Main Event. This is his biggest live tournament score to date. His total live poker earnings are around $350,908. In June 2017, Patni finished 15th at the WPT500 Main Event and earned $12,700. He has participated in several acclaimed national and international poker tournaments such as WSOP, WPT, DPT, MPC, etc. Patni was a investment banker in Mumbai before he started playing poker professionally. He follows not one but three poker pros and looks up to them as his idols- Jonathan Little, Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu.

Amit Jain

This Mumbai based Businessman is one of the shining stars in the Indian poker circuit. Amit juggles two roles, one of an avid poker player by the night and a businessman by day. Amit has the art of balancing poker, family and work together. Well-known in poker as ‘bblacklegend’, Jain is playing poker from the last 9 years. His first live win was in February 2011 when Jain finished at second place in the IPC - 20K Freezeout event. In September 2017, he won the DPT 75K High Roller for $38,840. He loves to travel and compete in popular poker tournaments such as WSOP, WPT, DPT, APT, APPT, MPC, etc


Tarun Goyal

A software engineer by profession, Tarun Goyal is a well-known poker player from Bathinda in the southern Panjab. A rising star in the Indian poker circuit, he has been playing online poker for over 4 years now. He has played and won several prestigious online poker tournaments in the past years. Recently, he has also entered live poker scene. He shot into limelight back in August this year when he won 10K Kickoff event of the DPT in Goa. He won the coveted Adda52 POY title in 2017. A poker enthusiast, Goyal has gained deep knowledge of poker and continues to impress with his smart play in both online as well as offline tournaments.

Adda52 Celebrity Pro

Minissha Lamba

Minissha Lamba is the first celebrity pro of Adda52 who is playing poker from past 8 years. She is a popular Indian actress who worked in Bollywood movies like Yahaan, Bachna Ae Haseeno, Shaurya, Bheja Fry 2, etc. She also participated in reality TV show Big Boss Season 8. Lamba started playing poker as a hobby but later she developed a passion for the game and started playing professionally. She has made appearance in various India’s premier poker tournaments such as DPT (Deltin Poker Tournament) and Indian Poker Championship. In 2017, she participated in WPT500 Aria Poker Tournament in Las Vegas as Adda52 celebrity pro.

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