Online Poker Tells


Poker Tells include acts, gestures and other mannerisms that a poker player displays when trying to disguise the strength of their hand. While many tells may be subconsciously executed, they are nonetheless subject to interpretation by opponents. In a live poker game, players can say various things, act weak when they are strong, throw chips in the middle, look away, stare at you, and so forth, & all their actions say something about their hand. But, when you play online suddenly you’re in a different environment. All those classic tells go out the window because you can’t see or hear your opponent. If you’re used to looking for those tells you might suddenly feel enfeebled. Nonetheless, there are a few tells that are useful to know when you’re playing online.

1. Long pause, followed by a raise Very strong hand
2. Instant automatic raise Usually very strong hand
3. Instant automatic check Weak or folding hand
4. Opponent quickly calls your bet Moderate to Semi-weak hand
5. Very small bets Weak hand, sometimes monster
6. Massive all-in bets Monster hand or bluff

As you can see now, you don't actually have to visually see another player in order to guess what is going on their head. While their character on your screen might not twitch when they have a big hand, they'll often do other things that will be big enough tells for you to pick up on. Once you get a good amount of experience behind you, you'll be able to figure out when people are lying and when they are not. This will certainly make you a winner at a poker table.

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