Mix Up Your Play in Poker

The strange thing about poker is that if you always make good & smart decisions, you’ll become very predictable for your opponents. That’s the reason why you should sometimes mislead your opponents by the way you play. The goal is to make your opponents make a bad decision against your hand. If you do this randomly, you’ll become far less predictable player. Because, becoming a predictable poker player in cash games can do a lot of harm to your bankroll. The best way to play a cash game is to mix up the way you play. Sure, there are certain images you can choose to use, but you should always diversify your game against good players. The best way to beat good players is to find out their tendencies. If you adjust your play accordingly you should come out a winner. However, when mixing up your play, you must be very careful. The following are helpful tactics for occasionally mixing up your game:

  • Raise preflop with suited connectors.
  • Vary the betting amount i.e. if you raised three times the big blind with QQ; raise 5 times the blind the next time you pick them up.
  • Re-raise from late position with a hand you normally would have called.
  • Call with a hand that you would normally have raised.
  • Make a bluff or a semi-bluff.
  • Bet drawing hands such as four cards to a flush or straight.
  • Don’t raise immediately when you pick up a big hand on the button.
  • Don’t raise the blinds when most players have folded even if you pick up a big hand on the button.
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