Burst the Bubble in MTT

Being the bubble boy can be the worst thing in an online poker MTT. No poker player ever likes to be the bubble boy and everyone strives hard to sustain themselves for bubble strategies. So what really is the bubble in Texas Holdem and how can you bust the bubble?

The Bubble in Poker

The bubble is that stage in a poker tournament where one player is eliminated and the rest finish in the money. For example, if in a 100 player MTT, the top 15 players are paid, then the player who gets eliminated in the 16th position is the bubble boy. Thus the last player who is knocked out without money becomes the object of the paid player’s affection. After him everyone is secured of finishing in the money.

How to bust the bubble?

The one thing that will determine your busting the bubble is your stack size. And it is the middle stages of a poker tournament where you have to monitor your chip stack so weigh your chances of finishing in the money. If you are below chip average in the MTT, then it is time to slow down. Play the middle stage conservatively and don’t raise too often. Don’t get stuck in drawing hands like suited connectors, two royals etc. these cards will draw you into the game and if you are short stack, you will see yourselves losing out on these.

Play lesser hands and in position. If the bubble is approaching then play very few, selective hands when in position. Don’t get stuck in games with those with big chip stacks as the big bullies might race away with your money. If your goal is to bust the bubble then remember the rules of poker and be patient. Watching out for others play and raising in position and only when with good hands is a poker strategy to be remembered till the bubble boy is finalized. Keep your chips close to your chest, play less and watch others and you will sail through. But once you have busted the bubble, shed your conservatism and form a late stages poker strategy that is more suited for your regular playing style.

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