Shootouts and structure of shootouts

What are Shootout Tournaments? How are they Structured?


With the huge enthusiasm for poker tournaments, the interesting format of Shootouts has become very popular amongst poker online players. These are a series of Single Table Tournaments (STT) where you remain at your table till there is a single player left. Each player buys-in to the tournament and get an amount of chips to play. The one who has all the chips at the end of the level, wins that table and advances to the next table/level and so on till you reach the final level/table and there is a single man standing on that level. Simply put, these are like multi tiered tournaments where you play on elimination tables and have to eliminate all players before advancing to the next level.

How are shootouts structured?

Generally there are double shootouts or triple shootouts. The former are poker tournaments where you have to win two tables to win the tournament. This means that you start playing at one table as there may be many such single tables going on at the same time. As you win this table, others who win their respective tables will join you at another table. If you win this table also, then you are the winner of this tournament.

The more popular version of shootouts in online poker is the triple shooutout. In this players have to win three tables to win the tournament. Triple shooutouts enable a lot of player to play at the same time. The table size is determined depending on the number of players registered. Each player who wins the first level will advance to the second level where he will sit on a table with others who won their respective first level tables. All those players who win this second level table will advance to the final table; the last man standing will win.

Exceptions to the rules?

Generally in shootouts, only one player advances to the next level but some online poker rooms conduct shootouts where top 2 or top 3 in terms of chip stack get to advance. This format is then personalized and the three players who advance get to keep their chips. Thus they meet players who are top 3 on their respective tables with varying chip stacks. This gives each player a fighting chance and each one tries to have a bigger chip stack.

Shootout tournaments can take a lot of time and are generally preferred by the intermediate player. They require a certain type of poker strategy which is generally different than other Multi Table Tournaments or single table tournaments.

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