Strategies for a Bounty Tournament


A Bounty tournament in poker rooms is one where there is bounty on a players head. Any poker player who knocks out this player will win the bounty. For example: If there is a $10 bounty on Alex and Jim eliminates him in the poker tournament, then Jim will win the $10 bounty. Many poker rooms offer several bounties on poker players within a main poker tournament. Bounties add an extra zing to the game play in online poker.

Sometimes the bounty is also decided by the entry fee. This implies that 50% of the entry fee will be to enter the tournament and will go to the poker website while 50% of the entry fee will be given to the player who eliminates a named pro.

Strategies to win a Bounty Tournament

A poker strategy should be formed to win a bounty as well as concentrate on the main goal of winning the poker tournament. It is best to keep the following four points in mind when going for the bounty:

  • Concentrate on one goal: Since the bounty is a sub part of the main event, it will have a separate poker strategy. Thus make it a sub goal and concentrate on it but remember the main goal of winning the tournament at the back of your mind. But concentrate on one goal at a time. Thus while going for the bounty, only go for that and train your mind towards it.
  • Go for the shorter stack: If you isolate a bounty player with short stack, then concentrate your game play towards him. A short stack can anyways be blinded out in time but if you try to draw the short stack in a game where you have a strong hand, then the bounty can be yours.
  • Remember the variable and the constant: The starting stack size is a constant in all poker tournaments, the only two variables are poker skills and hand strength. Both of these are correlated and can make all the difference. If you apply your poker skills then even a mediocre hand can gain strength but if you have no skills, the strongest hand will also go waste. So a show of strength is very important in bounty tournaments.
  • Spot the tilt and play aggressive: So what if a player has a bounty on his head, he can also go card dead and go on the tilt. Always have a roving eye for the poker player who is getting on the tilt; it is easiest to defeat them in the mid stages of a tournament in texas hold’em. Show your aggression against the one on the tilt and he will end up surrendering. Play on the player and his stack and not on his cards.
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