Texas Holdem – How to Play 2 Jacks

When playing online poker, seeing JJ as your starting poker hands can be quite tricky. They are a happy sight, but are not strong enough to give you a sense of domination over the table. Pocket Jacks are merely the middlemen amongst the stronger photo pairs and the smaller non-photo ones. So how should you go about playing your pocket jacks in Texas Holdem Poker?

Fifth highest poker hand

Pocket Jacks are the fifth highest starting hands in poker and should never be made to limp. A raise is required to honor them but nothing over the top. Maybe something like twice/thrice the big blind is enough if you are in middle or late position. But if you see a re-raise in a big table then its time re-consider as you might be running into bigger photo pairs. A simple call is the best thing to do and see the community.

What if an over card hits the flop?

Using the odds in the poker game, we understand that there is a 60% chance that you will see an over card in the flop when playing JJ. So what do you do then? In such a case, race your memory back to pre-flop and recall who called/re-raised you in the flop. If you had a re-raise in pre-flop then you surely should slow down and let others take the call if seeing an over card. But if there are all checks till the turn, then a small raise to weigh your chances is also a good idea.

When JJ toppled Pocket Queens at Adda52

At the poker tables of Adda52, during the LED TV final, player devpahal displayed how aggression can make you win. In a heads up situation, he beat the pocket queens of ram2010 with some skill and a little luck. With the blinds at 4/8, he raised twice big blind and ram2010 called. The flop was 1s Jd 4h which gave devpahal a set. He simply raised by 8 and ram2010 called still thinking his queens were tops. The turn was 7d and now he raised by 24. ram2010 again called and the river was 8h. devpahal again raised 24 and ram2010 called giving the former a good pot. Thus raising in all parts of betting proved profitable for the jacks who defeated the queens.

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