Poker Starting Hands KJ

Texas Holdem – How to Play KJ

King Jack is a good quality poker starting hand but can surely be a test of the playing abilities in texas hold’em. These cards look smart when in position but can mean disaster when playing a raise. Also called Joking, never overestimate this hand. Play to your table and positions and know when to lay it down.

Playable from all positions

Joking is a hand which is playable from all positions especially if there isn’t a raise on the table. But even if you see a single raise come up, then you should have the heart to lay it down. You are holding on to two royals but you shouldn’t overestimate the value of these cards. You surely have a 35% probability of not seeing an over card but if raised, then you are surely running against an Ace or a pocket pair. And calling the raise against even a middle pocket pair (which is a made hand) is not a good poker strategy. Only play if you are in position and are not raised preflop.

When Played at Adda52

In the online poker game of LED Finals, player Em26995 came with a similar dilemma when he saw Kh Jh and was first to act with only ten big blinds. He raised to 16 with the blinds at 4/8 and was called by four others. Player svtpahal with middle stack had pocket tens and re-raised. Em26995 called the raise and they saw the flop as Ah 5h 5d. The flop gave Em26995 with a flush draw and there was no one with Ace on the preflop so none paired up. Em26995 and svtpahal got into another betting duel and the former had to push all in. The turn was 2h and river s9 thus giving Em26995 victory with ace high flush. Though over aggression with King Jack is never a good poker tip but it paid off for Em26995.

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