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Poker Tournaments     



In all type of multi-table tournaments, if two or more players are eliminated from the tournament simultaneously, ranking is decided on the basis of chips at the time of being eliminated. But if players have equal chip stack, both are given same rank and prize is equally distributed between them.

FREEZEOUT TOURNAMENT: It is probably the most common type of multi-table tournament wherein the player is not allowed to rebuy or add-on more chips when he/she runs out of it. All the players are given some specific number of chips and once a player runs out of his/her chips, he/she is eliminated from the tournament.

The tournament gets over when all the players except one are eliminated from the table and this remaining player has all the chips. Another important aspect of ‘ Freezeout Tournaments’ is, the tables are merged as the players are knocked out.

In simple terms, a ‘ Freezeout Tournament’ is basically an online multi-table tournament in which no rebuys and no add-ons are allowed.

REBUY TOURNAMENT: Different than freezeout tournaments, a ‘Rebuy Tournament’ is one wherein a player is allowed to buy more chips when he/she runs out of chips during the tournament. However, there is generally a specific time is allotted for rebuying more chips. Some facts about rebuy tournament are explained herein:

  • There is generally a rebuy period for the first hour of the tournament; however, this rebuy period may vary.
  • Players can rebuy chips if they lose all their chips or have less than they had when they started the game. However, the eligibility for rebuys may vary for the tournaments.
  • There can be fixed number of rebuys available or the rebuys can be unlimited, it entirely depends upon the tournament.
  • Generally, the rebuy tournaments have an add-on period at their end, which may vary, however. Players can add-on same amount of chips with which they started this tourney. Add-on is generally offered to everyone regardless of the size of the stack.
  • As soon as the rebuy period is over, players can no longer rebuy into the event.

SATELLITES TOURNAMENTS: Satellite tournament is basically a less expensive way to enter in a large buy-in multi-table tournament. Generally, it is a modest way to give the entry tickets to all those players who have skills, but cannot afford to pay big buy-ins of large online multi-table tournaments. For example, may organize a Satellite tournament that gives a ticket to enter in a big tournament like Asian Poker Series that may have entry fees INR5000 to all its players. The Satellite tournaments mostly have very nominal buy-in such as INR100 so that it can easily be approached by players of all categories.

BOUNTY TOURNAMENT: Bounty tournaments are sometimes known as knock-out multi-table tournaments because it rewards a player for knocking-out some pre-determined player or players. Generally, there is a special cash prize for the player for eliminating this specific or bounty player. It is not compulsory to cash in the tournament to be rewarded and the amount of the bounty will be announced prior to the tournament in the tournament lobby itself. However, these tournaments are generally rare online tournaments.

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