Amit Varma


Amit Varma is one among the several poker players who holds an impressive profile. He is not only an avid poker player but also a novelist, blogger who has won admiration for his literary works.

Personal Life

Amit Varma is a pro poker is a writer who is based in Mumbai. Apart from his passion to play poker he also works in television and advertising. He is also a journalist by passion and wrote for reputed publications like The Wall Street Journal,The Guardian and Wisden Cricketers' Almanack.

For many months he worked as a Managing Editor of Cricinfo India and currently he works as a consultant for them.

His contributions are not only limited to this. He also used to write the weekly column Thinking It Through for the business newspaper Mint.

In 2005, his blog, India Uncut won the Best Indiblog Award at the Indibloggies which was again nominated in the following year.

In October 2007, for his works, Amit Varma won the 2007 Bastiat Prize for Journalism, which usually is awarded to honour writers “whose work cleverly and wittily promotes the institutions of the free society”.

Amit Varma’s first book, My Friend Sancho, was published in May 2009. His book became the biggest selling debut novel released in 2009. The plot of My Friend Sancho usually is a contemporary love story set in Mumbai. For this book he had earlier been longlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize 2008.

In April 2009, the BusinessWeek magazine has named Amit Varma in its India's 50 Most Powerful People 2009 list.

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