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Interesting Poker Statistics - Fun & Facts

  • Your unpaired hole cards can pair up on the board 33 percent of the times – In a game of poker, if you have hole cards that are unpaired, there is a probability that at least one of the board cards might match up with your hidden hole cards. The probability of that occurrence is 33 percent. Individual hands have different probabilities with straights and flushes adding to the equation.

  • Suited cards only increase your winning odds by 2.5 percent – In poker, suited cards are usually considered as a good hand that must be played as regular wisdom suggests that suited cards imply good odds. The reality however is that pair of suited cards offer only 2 to 3 percent rise in the chances of winning. Hence, do not play into big pots if you aren't able to hit on the flop as your losses will be greater in the longer run.

  • The probability of flopping a set is only 7.5 to 1 – In a flop that consist of three cards, the odds are calculated step by step. For example, after the first card of the flop, 48 of the 50 cards, that are unseen, are against you. Similarly, after the second card, 47 of 49 and on the third, 46 of 48 are bad cards. Taking this into account, calculating the percentage risk results in a risk ratio of 7.5:1 for the probability of flopping a set. So, try out this only for low value hands.

  • A gutshot has only 4 outs thus giving you only 9 percent chance of hitting – When you have a gutshot straight draw either on the flop or the turn, there are only four outs for a player. This will be one of the four rank cards to complete the straight. The chances of winning are 15 percent post flop, that goes down to 9 percent post turn. These odds could change if the card that provides the straight is able to pair the board or leads three from a suit to be on the board.

  • You can be dealt a pocket pair 1 in every 17 hands or 6 percent of the times – Pocket pairs are favorite hand of numerous poker players. They range from the 2-2 up till the A-A pair, all offering good rewards if played with appropriate strategy. The higher pairs of course award greater excitement in game play. Each pocket pair has different odds. On an average, you can get a pocket pair once in every 17 hands or 6 percent of the total hands that you are dealt.

  • The chances of making a flush on the flop are rare – The odds of hitting a flush on the flop, is calculated on the basis of the fact that the first two cards established by you are from the same suit. From that, a simple calculation for the odds against each card will ultimately provide a ratio of 124 to 1 which at 0.8 percent means it is an extremely rare occurrence. These odds can vary depending on the cards that you hold.

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