Jay Heimowitz

Jay B. Heimowitz is an American poker player who is also admired as a celebrity in the world of poker for his outstanding poker skills and achievements. He has not only made whopping amount of money by playing poker but also won many titles. He also helped in creating the Mayfair Club as a leading poker house.

Personal Life

Jay Heimowitz has his birthday on December 26. He was born in the year of 1937 in the state of New York. Unlike many, he learnt to play poker from his family and from the kids of his vicinity. And when he attained the age of 9, he became so proficient that he earned reputation as a good player. And when he was in his teens he started playing poker for baseball cards.

Heimowitz joined the U.S. Army at the age of 18. During his stay in the Army he enhanced his poker skills by playing against other Army service personnel and earned around $10,000. Isn’t that interesting?

But his service was short and he quit at the age of 21.

His parents had taught him to make smart decisions with his money and so with the money he won during his service he bought a small beer company and a bottling plant. Gradually, he decided to invest all his money and time into his businesses. His efforts gave good results and Budweiser, a beer company, showed interest in his beer and bottling plant. And as a result Heimowitz holds the record for being appointed the youngest distributor of Budweiser. He continued to work with the distribution plant with great dedication.

In his poker career till 2009, Jay Heimowitz earned over $2,000,000 in live tournament wins. Jay Heimowitz is a happily married man with four sons and many grandchildren.


Jay Heimowitz has a deep passion towards poker and has earned the reputation as one of the best amateur poker player.

The year 1975 was a great year for Jay Heimowitz as it was his first time in the World Series of Poker (WSoP) and it also got him his first bracelet. Since then he has been a regular at WSoP and his achievements at the WSoP are unmatched. Not only is he the proud owner of 6 bracelets, but also has had many money finishes.

It took Heimowitz 11 years to win his second bracelet in 1986; and in 1991, he played Pot Limit Omaha and won his third bracelet which is also known to be one of his best games. After a gap of 3 years he won his fourth bracelet in Limit Hold’em event. In 2000, he claimed his fifth bracelet in another Limit Hold’em event. And he continued to win his 6th bracelet in 2001.

Jay Heimowitz also earned reputation because of his achievement of Poker After Dark title earning $120,000 which was themed around former Mayfair Club regulars.

Other players like Mike Sexton have called Heimowitz as one the best amateur to have ever sat at a poker table.

Jay Heimowitz has so far been able to maintain his poker career as an enthusiastic player and an ideal inspiration for many. His spirit and passion to poker has inspired many to play poker and become an ideal poker player.

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