Rajesh Arul

Rajesh Arul, one of the competent Indian poker players, is known for his poker skills and achievements.

Personal Life

Rajesh Arul resides in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and is an aeronautical engineer by profession. Few facts are available about how his interest developed towards poker. He also loves to play poker online and his favourite poker site is

Apart from love to play poker, his other hobbies include travelling and reading book.


In his poker career, Rajesh Aarul has played some significant tournaments that include the APT Asian Series (APT), India Poker Championship (IPC), India Poker Pros (IPP) and India Poker series (IPS).

In May, 2011, Rajesh played his first India Poker Series - Chapter 6 in the event 10K Freezeout. But he eventually finished 7th.

In July, 2011 he won the India Poker Series - Chapter 7 (10K Freeze-Out) with a cash reward of rupees 2,00,000.

The same year, he continued to play in the IPS - Chapter 8 in the 6.5K Re-Entry Freeze Out event but he could not secure the top position and finished 9th position.

In September 2011, he made his debut in the India Poker Series - Chapter 8 in the 15K Freeze-Out Tournament and became 2nd. In this tournament, he won a cash amount of rupees 2,00,000.

The same month, he again played in the IPP September Edition 12K Bounty and IPP September Edition in 5K Turbo Freezeout and Re-entry but failed to make it to the top.

Rajesh Arul was a tough contender in the India Poker Championship Oct, 2011 in the 6K Double Bubble event but he could not capture the top position and finished 4th position.

In November, 2011, he also participated in the APT Asian Series Goa 2011 in the 10K Freezeout event. But the tournament didn’t prove to be much of a success and finished 7th position. 

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