Rakesh Agarwal - Indian Poker Player


Rakesh Agarwal is another poker pro who plays poker with great passion. He is trying hard to add more achievements in his poker career. In the Indian Poker circuit he is easily recognized and well known as ‘Raaka’.

Personal Life

Rakesh Agarwal resides in Bangalore. Although he is passionate about poker, but he also loves table tennis and cricket, and also endorse the Sri Lankan cricket team. Not only he participates in the real poker table but also likes playing poker online.

His interest towards this card game developed gradually through the Sports Betting. At the initial stage he started playing poker online as leisure which transformed into his passion. Eventually, he decided to make his career as a poker pro and started to play both cash games and tournaments.

Rakesh Agarwal is also well known as one of the four Indian Poker Players who has won various major tournaments in India.

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