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Crazy Pineapple Poker Basics     



Learn Basic Rules of Crazy Pineapple Poker 

It’s very easy to learn Crazy Pineapple Poker as all the betting rules and gameplay is similar to Texas Holdem. However, it requires continuous practice to master the dynamics of this game as you need to discard one of your 3 hole cards after the 2nd betting round. You may play this online poker game on freeroll and cash tables to understand the vast possibilities due to an extra hole card till flop round of betting. Deciding which hole card to discard is the most crucial decision to be made in this game.

Before proceeding to play crazy pineapple poker, you may go through the basic rules of this poker variant below: 



Crazy Pineapple, like other popular variants of poker is played with a 52 cards deck automatically shuffled in the online version after every deal. The game starts minimum with the two players sitting left to the dealer button automatically posting the blinds as per the pre-defined blind level of the table. 3 hole cards are distributed to each player on the table which they assess for their hand strength and play accordingly. Each player gets an option to check/bet/raise/call/fold during various stages of the game.


After every player has received 3 hole cards, the action starts from the player siting left to the Big Blind. Every player gets his turn to act in a clockwise turn of pre-flop betting round till all have bet same amount or went all-in or folded in the game.


Once the pre-flop round of betting completes, 3 flop cards are dealt face up on the table. The flop round of action begins with the active player sitting left to the dealer button. Players assess the strength of their hand combining 2 out their 3 hole cards and the 3 community cards on the table. This is the most crucial part of the game as after this round of betting, each player discards one hole card.


After the flop betting round gets complete and players discard the extra hole card, a single community card is dealt face up on the table called Turn card. Now, as per the changed possibilities, players take part in another round of betting starting from the active player sitting left to the dealer button. Each player gets his chance to act in clockwise turn of action.


The game enters the last phase as the 5th community card is dealt on the table called River card. The last round of betting starts with the active player sitting left to the dealer button and progresses clockwise till all the active players have bet equal amounts or went all-in or folded.



All players left in the game show their card which marks the Showdown. The player with the best 5-card combination is chosen the winner and his/her winning cards move upwards. The money in the pot is rewarded the winner. In case, multiple players win in special scenarios, the money in the pot is divided between them. The dealer button moves to the next player in the clockwise direction for the next new game to start.


Betting Rules:

The button moves clockwise every time after a game and the immediate player left to the previous dealer becomes the new dealer. When the first game starts on a new table, that player becomes dealer who sits nearest to the left of dealer girl image in game area and is not "sit-out" or disconnected. In a heads-up game, dealer becomes small blind. Once the dealer is chosen and marked with a dealer button, betting round starts as per the rules of the game variant. The player sitting left to the dealer puts in the small blind and the one sitting next to him in a clockwise turn puts in the big blind before the hole cards are dealt. Although blind amounts are pre-decided for each game depending on the stakes, the Big Blind always remains twice the amount of the Small blind.


For betting in any round of Crazy Pineapple poker, a player may take 4 actions:

  • Call: To match the amount of highest bet on the table in the ongoing round of play.
  • Raise: To increase the bet amount in the same betting round.
  • Check: To continue in the game without betting any further. This action can be taken by any player only if he has already matched the biggest bet on the table or if no one has yet opened the betting round.
  • Fold: To leave the ongoing game by surrendering the hole cards to the dealer and wait for the next game.



 - Discarded card will not be visible to opponents on the table. Only user can see his own discarded card on top left of the table.

- If user does not select the card in the given time, system will automatically discard the first card from right side.

- If user selects the card but does not discard in the given time, system will automatically discard the selected card.

- Currently only Ring format is available for this game variant. Sit and Go (SNG) and Multi Table Tournament (MTT) formats do not support Crazy Pineapple variant.

- We are supporting no-limit variant of Crazy Pineapple game. 

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