Stealing the Blind in Poker

"Blind stealing" is used when a player in late position raises pre-flop in an attempt to win the uncontested blinds.

This strategy is often effective because the players in the blinds will have any 2 random cards, meaning there is a small chance that they will have a hand worth calling a raise with, allowing you to take their blinds. In addition to this, the players in the blinds will be first to act against you if they do call, so they should know that they need a better than mediocre hand to pay to see a flop.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking “steal” equals “bluff.” Bluffing is just one way to steal in poker. You can “steal the button” by making a bet or raise with a weak hand so that you get the most advantageous position in later betting rounds.

In Tornaments: Blind stealing is most effective in poker tournaments; if you are in need of chips, you sometimes cannot afford to wait for a good hand. Therefore blind stealing offers a great opportunity for you to accumulate chips. However, at the start of these tournaments where the blinds are very low in relation to your stack size, blind stealing becomes less beneficial. This is because the blinds are too small to be worth fighting for, and opponents are more likely to call raises because the blinds are so small in relation to their stack.

In Cash Games: In cash poker games the blinds are usually very small in relation to your stack. This means that from a purely money making point of view, blind stealing is not going to be very profitable. In general you want to stick to playing good hands and avoid risking money with a weak hand.

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