Poker Rookie - Tips/Strategies


Now that you've learned how to play poker game and have been playing for a while on our tables, its time to read & understand some really useful tips & strategies that would nurture your poker playing skills. Read on & try to implement the following tips & strategies the next time you sit on our tables. 

Call, Bet or Raise

Players can gain advantages over their opponents by placing bets wisely. According to experienced poker players, right calling, raises and bets in a poker game can be used as a strategy to increase chances of winning. Therefore, players must know the situations that will surely help them make the best out of their decision to call in the game.

Bad Beats in Poker

A bad beat in poker is when you have a good hand that is most likely to win but is eventually beaten by another hand.

Mix Up Your Play in Poker

Because becoming a predictable poker player in cash games can do a lot of harm to your bankroll. The best way to play a cash game is to mix up the way you play. However, when mixing up your play, you must be very careful. Here are helpful tactics for occasionally mixing up your game.

Dealing with Tilt in Poker

In poker, tilt is the effect of emotional stress causing you to play a hand differently to how you would play a hand at the peak of your ability. When suffering a Tilt, you are unable to make rational decisions at the poker table because your emotional state has gotten the better of you. To help you out, here are some of the ways to stop tilt in poker.

Slow Play in Poker

Slow Playing (also called sandbagging or trapping) is a technique in poker when you check or call a bet with a very strong hand in the hopes that someone else at the table will raise. It is roughly the opposite of bluffing; betting weakly or passively with a strong hand rather than betting aggressively with a weak hand.

All-in Poker Tactics

All-in simply means betting all your chips. It can be a method to increase your chips significantly when you get called & win. However, it can also lead you to the exit gate if you get called & loose. A common mistake that beginner poker players make is to go All-in quite frequently and at the wrong times, often unnecessarily. Now, let’s explore when to go All-in in a poker game.

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