Tournament Tips for Poker Rookie


This section is meant for those players who are already good at playing tournament poker. The concepts & tips covered in this section especially deals with MTT, SNG, Freeroll & Shootouts tournaments. Once you read through these online poker tournament tips, you are sure to make a difference the next time you play at Adda52 poker tournaments.

MTT and Structure of MTT

Multi Table tournaments are online poker tournaments that are multi-tiered and thus have players playing at numerous tables and fighting to reach the final table.

MTT in Various Stages

A Multi Table Tournament can be divided into three stages keeping in mind the blinds. The early stage where blinds run from 10/20 to 100/200; mid-stage where blinds are 200/400 to 400-800 and late stage where blinds are 500/1000 to heads up. How a player plays in these three stages can make all the difference between winning and losing in the game of poker.

Burst the Bubble in MTT

The bubble is that stage in a poker tournament where one player is eliminated and the rest finish in the money. The one thing that will determine your busting the bubble is your stack size.

Strategies for Bounty Tournament

A Bounty tournament in poker rooms is one where there is a bounty on a player's head. A poker strategy should be formed to win a bounty as well as concentrate on the main goal of winning the poker tournament. It is best to keep these four points in mind when going for the bounty.


Sit and Go (SNG) Poker Tournament

A Sit and Go (SNG) Poker Tournament is a single-table mini-online poker tournament that has no scheduled time and starts when the necessary number of players have registered.

Going heads up in SNG Tournaments

With a huge influx of players towards online poker, SitnGo (SNG) poker tournaments have become very popular. But how really should one play an SNG? How should a heads-up situation in SNGs be faced? Read on to find out how to win more when going heads up in a SNG.


Freeroll Poker Tournaments

Freeroll tournaments are those online poker tournaments where players can play for free. Such poker tournaments are organized by online poker rooms to increase the potential player database. Players register for freeroll tournaments without any entry fee and have a chance to win real money.

Freeroll in Various Stages

With a large pool of players playing, it is sometimes very difficult to win at these Freeroll Poker tourneys. So what should your poker strategy be to win at freerolls, read on to find out.


Shootouts and Structure of Shootouts

These are a series of Single Table Tournaments (STT) where you remain at your table till there is a single player left.

Strategies for Shootout Tournament

Beware of the All-in, Time survival, Recognize the weak player, Bluff lesser, Read players and catch the tells, Show aggression are some of the strategies which a player should keep in mind when playing Shootout Poker Tournaments.


After reading through the detailed information on various poker tournaments as well as the online poker tournament strategies associated with each one of them, you must be feeling a lot more confident to participate & win in these poker tourneys.

Visit our poker-pro tournament tips section, for advanced level tips & strategies.

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