Poker Starting Hands 66, 22

Texas Holdem – How to Play 66-22 Hole Cards

Low/Small Pocket pairs including 22,33,44,55,66 are the toughest hands to play and fold in online poker. The rules of poker don’t mention anything about getting married to them just because you were given pairs as your starting poker hands. But most poker pros will tell you to fold these hands especially when not in position.

Position is most important

Your position is of utmost importance when faced with small pocket pairs. Simply call the blinds if in mid or late position. Never raise these cards as they will only get you in trouble. These cards are famous for landing the novice in a lot of trouble. Low pocket pairs are very low on strength and only gain it if they hit a set in the flop. Thus aggression is never advisable for these small cards. Most of the times, you will see over-cards in the flop which will kill your small pair and thus guarantee a fold. The odds of flopping a set with your small pair are 7 to 1 which aren’t very great. So play these small cards with caution and decide your options after seeing the flop.

When Played at Adda52

A small pocket pair of 4’s won direhash a good hand as luck and his play post flop was much appreciated. At the online poker finals of iPhone4 on 29th April 2012, the blinds were at 100/200 when four players faced the action. choudhary007 with 5s 9s was small blind and called to see the flop as 4s 7s 4d. direhash had hit quads while choudhary007 had a flush draw. The latter was drawing dead as direhash had the nuts on the table. He decided to slow play his winning hand and raised to big blind. Looking to hit his flush, choudhary007 called and the turn was Ad. direhash raised to 400 and this time choudhary007 decided to fold. It was a good poker strategy plus some help from luck that won direhash this hand.

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